Pursuing Your Craft: Space

What does your actual work space look like? Where do you work on your craft? Is it working out for you?

Up until this last week or so, I’ve been trying to eek out my writing wherever I can manage – the kitchen table, the couch, the bed, the coffee table, outside – wherever. Recently, though, we moved both kids into the same room which opened up a space in the house into which I finally moved. I’ve really begun to see the value of a designated work space, a place where my brain knows ‘it’s time to work’ and as long as I have a plan, I can execute it.

ALL of my hobby stuff is in here (well, it will be eventually). My sewing machine, my fabric, my yarn, my writing stuff, and my books all have a new home. It is a space where I can train my brain that it’s work time, where I can plan and write, craft or study. Once I get another table in here, I will be able to spread out and study the Bible without needing to clean up every day for fear of my kids messing with my books and papers. I will have a place to toss all my random stuff that otherwise doesn’t really have a home yet.

Think about your crafting for a moment. What are the tools you need to successfully do your thing? Do you have access to them?

The thing I’m most excited about with this new room (besides the door!) is that I will be able to assemble and store all the tools I need to be successful away from the curious reach of little hands. I need different tools for different projects, so now that they’re all in the same room, it’s easy to know that everything I need is in there. I don’t need to hunt around the house trying to find where this book or that crochet hook went. It helps me to keep my own head in the game when it’s game time.

What are your major distractions? How does the space you work help or hinder you from being creative?

Another thing I’ve come to realize is that my surroundings do a lot to either help or hinder my ability to write. If I’m too close to the kitchen, I’m tempted to snack. If I’m on the internet, I’m tempted to trawl around instead of work. However, when I have a space where I can close the door and literally shut out all the other distractions, I find that I am so much more successful when it comes time to actually work.

So what about if you don’t have an extra room in your house to take over? What if ALL the rooms are already occupied? How can you help yourself build a successful work space with what you have?

I am a huge fan of making a concrete plan so that when it’s time to work, I know exactly what I’m going to work on and this usually involves the use of spreadsheets. A plan helps get my brain in gear even if I have to sit on the couch in the middle of the house with nowhere to hide.

When does your brain work best?

I also find a time where my brain works best AND I can get the ambient environment I need. Sometimes that means kicking the kids into the backyard while I write. Sometimes it means sending them to the park with dad. Sometimes it means forcing them to play alone while I write in the next room. Sometimes it means waiting until after bedtime where I know I won’t be disturbed because they’re sleeping. Sometimes it means napping during the day so I can stay up late or get up early to do what I need to do.

Do any of those sound like viable options for you based on your life and surroundings?

Just because you don’t have a door to close doesn’t mean you can’t create a space in which you can work successfully and with maximum focus. Accepting that your work space is, in fact, really important gives us the motivation we need to make do with what we have in order to create the space we need to do our thing.

Do you have a designated work space? Do you create your own space where and when you can? Tell me about it! I’d love to see a picture or read a description!

P.S. Check out my Instagram to see the progress on my own writing space!


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