One Word Challenge: Discipline

One word.

One word to guide the last half of the year.

One word to help improve your relationships. To improve your craft. To get you more focused on living life intentionally.

What’s your word?

I choose discipline and this is why.

Now the question is: What does that look like?

What does being more disciplined look like in different areas of my life?


I think this is being more intentional about connecting – reaching out when I think of it instead of ‘waiting for later’. Being present in the moment with my kids and my husband, being present with others. Leading the way in my MOPS group by connecting with others.


Time is a limited commodity and while I have made some small attempts to wrangle it, I haven’t stuck to it very well. Being disciplined with my time looks like following the schedule I made, writing when I have time set aside instead of trawling facebook or other social media, keeping me open evenings open to spend time with my husband, and doing my chores in the morning when I said I would do them and even letting the kids help. It means being intentional about what I am doing with my time instead of treating it as though I have all the time in the world.


Being disciplined with my writing looks like writing every (or almost every) day, even if it’s only 15 minutes. No matter what project I’m working on, being disciplined means doing it. It means using whatever external tools I have (like short story prompts) to write something or buckling down and getting the last thoughts out about my novel or building the next scene in my fantasy or starting to write the first words of the next Bible study I have in mind. Whatever it is, being disciplined means just doing it.

Social Media

This one is hard for a couple reasons, not the least of which being that I am actually TRYING to build a platform. However, I can still be disciplined. I can set time limits on how long and when I will work on it. I can preschedule posts as much as possible, be intentional about when I respond to interactions, and not let trying to learn about a new platform (hello Twitter!) consume more time than needed. It means cutting out the fat, leaving groups that take up my time or are counterproductive or redundant. Maybe it means going through and culling more “friends” off my friend list because, let’s face it, we haven’t talked since what? High school? And we weren’t really even friends then, were we?


Being disciplined with self-care looks like doing what I need to do in order to not feel like I need to run away for a weekend every three weeks. It means doing enough for myself that I am glad to see my family when I come back from work or I’m not going to work just to escape my house. It means taking care of my own soul and my own interests. It means identifying those things that bring me the most reward. The best part? It’s most stuff I’ve already committed to being more disciplined about!

Bible Study

My faith is so important to me so it’s important that I spend the time I need to in the Word. I am beta testing my own Bible study, so being disciplined means sitting down and working some of it every single day. Being disciplined means taking the time to dig in and study whatever topic I’m working on (right now I’m searching to see whether we are still held to obey the OT Law or not) and sharing what I’m learning with others. It means being faithful to complete the parts of the study I’m doing with friends that we’re working on next. It means spending time with God, digging, studying, learning.


What about you? What is your word? And what does that look like in your life?

I’d love to hear about it! Share below or find me on social media where I’ll try to be disciplined about getting back to you in a timely but not necessarily immediate manner.


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4 thoughts on “One Word Challenge: Discipline

  1. Now more than ever I believe in God . . I always thought I had strong instincts but its just him leading me.
    I’ve been struggling with indiscipline
    From time management to monetary issues and just then I stumble upon this

    KUDOS 👏👏


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