Pantsing a Novel

I am a pantser. I write by the seat of my pants.

I have pantsed two novels. One is competed and in beta phase. One is waiting for me to finish book one of a series so I can go back and edit and fit it into my story. I’m working on a third, which is book 1 of the aforementioned series. And a fourth that is being written in sections inspired by writing prompts in my writing group.

I’ve learned a lot in that process so over the next number of weeks, I will be talking about pantsing novels, about the process, difficulties, tips, tricks, and a few other things.

I already have a number of ideas of what to talk about, but there was one thing you wanted to learn about writing a novel, what would it be?


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3 thoughts on “Pantsing a Novel

  1. Fellow panster here too. I’ve tried outlining first and trying to make the story fit the outline, but it felt so forced and wasn’t fun at all. I like the story to develop as I go. I like the characters to tell me their stories, and not try to fit them in a box. Ultimately, I think it’s a longer process, at least when it comes to editing, but it sure is more fun…at least for me. By the way, I’ve completed 3 novels (not published) and am in the process of querying my third…oh, the pain!


    1. Yes! Pantsers unite!!

      I completely and totally understand where you’re coming from. Outlining just kills all the creativity for me.

      Good luck on your querying!!

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