My first poetry reading

There is a podcast I’ve been listening to for a long time, Not Your Pastor’s Podcast. I’ve literally listened to all but 1 episode – because for whatever reason, I couldn’t access it.

Anyway, they started a bonus episode thing called Not Your Pastor’s Pulpit. As I listened to these, I kept thinking ‘I should do one’, but I struggled to come up with the bravery to do it. There were always excuses about not having time to write or not knowing what to write or not having a good enough story or whatever else.

A few months back, I put the excuses aside and I got writing. I wrote up something, but I wasn’t crazy about it. Then, one day, on my way home from work, a poetry stanza came to my mind:

But He rescued me
Though Jesus didn’t rescue me in the way I expected.
No, He took a path that wasn’t protected
so that His questions could not be deflected
Or ignored
in the ways I had done before.

And thus was born a new way of sharing my own story.

I worked on it for a few days, had an AMAZING poetry writer help me out with revising and editing, and then swallowed my fear and trepidation and recorded this one day during nap time.

And now, I give you:



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2 thoughts on “My first poetry reading

  1. As always Cari, That’s awesome. It was good to hear someone say your name because for some reason I have ignored the l and thought that it was Jehik, hence that is how i have been saying it in my head these lase few months.
    I liked the poem, very gripping. Interesting word choices, I was expecting grace at the end but was pleasantly surprised by god. I am not a poet though, Just a Cari Jehlik fan.


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