In-Line Critiquing in Word and Docs

Last week, I shared a post about two different kinds of critiquing and the term I apparently made up called in-line critiquing. I have met a number of writers who are unfamiliar with the comment features on two common writing and sharing programs - Microsoft Word and Google Docs - so I want to do … Continue reading In-Line Critiquing in Word and Docs

What I’m Reading: The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks

What it's about: This huge fantasy story follows the story of Shea Ohmsford and his brother, Flick, as they are thrown headlong into a race to save the world from the advance of the dreaded and evil Warlock Lord. What I liked: The characters - each character has his place in the story and adds … Continue reading What I’m Reading: The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks

Different kinds of critiques

I don't know about you, but I've REALLY been enjoying my critique series. I haven't ever delved into it this deeply before and analyzed how it works, how it works best, and ways to derail one's critiquing career (both as giving and receiving), so this has been super fun for me. As I've been writing … Continue reading Different kinds of critiques

Book Review: When God Made Light by Matthew Paul Turner

What this book is about: This children's book is a fun book about light - the light that God made around us and the light He's put inside us all. It's whimsical in its sometimes rhyming, free verse poetry style. What I liked: The illustrations - I honestly am SO hesitant to put this, but … Continue reading Book Review: When God Made Light by Matthew Paul Turner

Writing Prompt: All The Things She Said

It's Friday and I'm hoping for the best!  Since entering the NYC Midnight Short Story Contest, I'm planning on moving on to the next round. However, there are a variety of possible assigned genres that I've NEVER written before and I don't want the next round to be my first foray into a genre, especially … Continue reading Writing Prompt: All The Things She Said

First Goals of 2018 reached!

I have a number of goals I've set for this year, most of which I haven't shared because research shows that when you share your goals with the general population, you're actually LESS likely to achieve them. This is due to a perceived accomplishment effect - by sharing, you feel like you've already accomplished something. … Continue reading First Goals of 2018 reached!

Meet The Author: Jeannie Blackmer

Ever wish you could sit down with an author over a cup of coffee or tea or hot chocolate and ask them a bunch of questions?  Well, look no further!  Once a month, I'll be featuring an author whose published work I've read or who I know personally (whose unpublished work I've read). Every interview, … Continue reading Meet The Author: Jeannie Blackmer

Evolution of Critiquing

Just to be clear, this isn't a history of the critique, so I'm sorry if you were expecting that. Critiquing takes different forms depending on how rough or polished the draft is, so I want to walk through the critique and its evolution as the draft moves from rough to polished. First Draft Critique The … Continue reading Evolution of Critiquing