Good Friday Thoughts

It's Good Friday today in Christendom. As Christians, we believe that today is the day that Jesus was ultimately crucified by the high priests and leaders of the Jewish community, under the blind eye turned by the Roman government. That is significant in our faith for a number of reasons. It's significant because on this … Continue reading Good Friday Thoughts

Setting The Mood to Write

I listened to a podcast about writing (podcasts 85 and 86) recently and the thing that really stuck out to me from her lecture was using behavioral elements to induce writing. Things like using space, triggers, and rewards to stimulate and effect greater chances of writing. It got me to thinking about my triggers to write. I'm … Continue reading Setting The Mood to Write

What I’m Reading: Wolf-Speaker (The Immortals Book 2) by Tamora Pierce

What this book is about:  Daine returns in Book 2 at the behest of the wolf pack that once adopted her into its ranks in order to preserve the valley in which they live. As she digs deeper into the problem, she realizes it's much larger than she, the humans, or animals can deal with … Continue reading What I’m Reading: Wolf-Speaker (The Immortals Book 2) by Tamora Pierce

Heart of a Child launches TOMORROW!!!

Hello friends! I am PERSONALLY inviting you to join me TOMORROW for the Heart of a Child book launch. It's happening over on facebook and you could potentially WIN a copy of the book!   HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!!     Want to see what else I'm working on before anyone else … Continue reading Heart of a Child launches TOMORROW!!!


Can you believe it??? It's been a YEAR since I set up this site and decided that I was going to intentionally pursue writing as more than just a hobby. I can't even believe how much my writing has developed and how far I've come in that time. Shall we take a look? March 22, … Continue reading ONE YEAR!

Book Review: Ignited by A. M. Deese (releases 3/27/18)

What this book is about:  Jura finds herself in the terrifying position of sitting in her father's chair as First of the Thirteen, trying to hide a terrible secret from the rest of the untrustworthy, backstabbing rulers. Ash, a retired Fire Dancer, searches to find his new place in life and the arena when seven-year-old Kay … Continue reading Book Review: Ignited by A. M. Deese (releases 3/27/18)

Writing Prompt: The Best Birthday Ever

It's Friday again!  This story is a little more upbeat than last week's story. I personally needed to write something a little happier since that one was pretty heavy.  Sometimes we just really need someone on our side.  Prompt: "I'm going to pretend that didn't happen."     Emilianna threw her socks at the door, … Continue reading Writing Prompt: The Best Birthday Ever

Heart of a Child: I’m PUBLISHED!

Well, my friends. I did it. One year after my decision to take writing seriously, I am published in a short story anthology. We, the authors, are doing a SUPER FUN book release party on March 24th and we'd LOVE for you to join us. There will be some fun, some games, chances to win … Continue reading Heart of a Child: I’m PUBLISHED!

Meet the Author: A.M. Deese

Time to meet another author friend of mine whose DEBUT NOVEL is coming out in just a couple weeks, on March 27th!  I am so excited for this AND I've been able to read the book but.... YOU will have to wait to see what I think about it until next week. I know, bummer … Continue reading Meet the Author: A.M. Deese

Writing Prompt: Sleep, Little Baby

It's Friday and time to share stories with you!  This is one of the more serious stories I've written and I am SO thankful for my writer's group because I reached a point where I had no idea what to do next. I'm not familiar with police protocol (which is probably still VERY evident), and … Continue reading Writing Prompt: Sleep, Little Baby