Writing Prompt: I Survived the Cold

It’s FRIDAY, the day I share my writing! 

I work three nights a week and lately, I’ve been driving home in the dark and snowy weather. Some nights, it’s not so bad, others, not so good. 

This is my somewhat humorous poetic take. 

Prompt: I survived the cold

Feel free to write something of your own based on the prompt and share it! 


I Survived the Cold

It was late one night
I was driving home
Nothing to see
I was all alone
Center lines passing
Mile after mile
I got really bored
After a while
Then the snow started
Falling down hard
I could barely see
Or steer my car
The road disappeared
I started to slide
Pushed on my brakes
“Not that kind of ride!”
Finally it happened
I saw the lights
My little town
In the dead of night
I really didn’t like it
Being so bold
But I lived to say
I survived the cold


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