Heart of a Child: I’m PUBLISHED!

Well, my friends. I did it.

One year after my decision to take writing seriously, I am published in a short story anthology.

We, the authors, are doing a SUPER FUN book release party on March 24th and we’d LOVE for you to join us. There will be some fun, some games, chances to win copies of the book AND copies of OTHER books by authors in the group.

I really hope you’ll join us and grab a copy of the anthology because it’s the ONLY place that you’ll be able to read the story that I submitted. I will NOT be publishing it on my blog or anywhere else. I may read a page or two to tease you with it in one of my live events, but if you want to read the story, you’ll have to buy a copy.

I have last year’s anthology and it’s a great read. I’ve enjoyed the stories inside and this year, I think the stories are even better (but I might be biased).

Next week, we’ll take a walk through the past year of my writing and boy, is there a LOT that has happened this year.


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