Can you believe it???

It’s been a YEAR since I set up this site and decided that I was going to intentionally pursue writing as more than just a hobby.

I can’t even believe how much my writing has developed and how far I’ve come in that time. Shall we take a look?

March 22, 2017 was my very first blog post where I announced my intentions to become published and to pursue this seriously.

At the time, I was writing a Bible study, playing around with some fiction here and there, and generally not being very serious about this hobby that I love so much. A year later, I’m definitely NOT regretting my decision.

In that time, I’ve set up youtube, instagram, facebook, and twitter channels, whose upkeep I’ve met with some semblance of success. I would like to get back into youtubing, but I haven’t set aside the time to just go for it and get the videos recorded to release on a much slower schedule than I had originally. I’m excited about the video ideas I have rolling around in my head, so I just need to dedicate to doing it.

I’ve learned about social media, the benefit of consistency, and attended workshops on how to make it work for me. The big thing I really need for that to work is uninterrupted time. That’s a hard thing to come by with a 2 and 4 year old. I will make it work though.

July 17th, I started writing book reviews. I was reading some good books and I wanted to share with the world about them. This one has been a blessing because it’s forcing me to read more and to really think about the books as I read them. Some are SO good that it’s hard to think about anything but the story and some took me a MONTH to slog through, but they are all in there and probably a big reason why my writing has improved so much.

September 8th, I FINALLY started sharing my OWN writing. That was kind of scary but also exciting. That has helped me to keep consistent with generating writing and trying to make it good. My life has changed a bit and I seem to have even less time to write than ever, but I’m still keeping up with writing new things to share, and I hope that you’re enjoying that as well.

I’ve entered several contests and as of now, I haven’t heard from any of them. I’ve submitted to a few places and have my work out in the general internet elsewhere, which I’m VERY proud of.

I will be PUBLISHED on March 24th in a short story anthology and you can be part of the release party here where I hope you’ll join us for a bit and maybe even buy the anthology. After all, you’ll get to read a story there that will NEVER go up on my blog, so that’s exciting, right? Plus, there are other FANTASTIC stories in there, too.

I’ve met some great writer friends along the way who keep me honest and growing, and that has been a huge blessing to me. Authors’ Tale, you are the absolute BEST!

I also just had my first Facebook LIVE, which was fun and a little scary. But hey, I survived and I think those who joined me had fun, too. You can almost certainly expect another one to happen next month, so if you haven’t yet, head on over to my facebook page and give that a ‘like’ and be sure to FOLLOW so you know when the next facebook live event will be.

Finally, I’d like to announce the NEWEST addition to my writing cache. I’ve decided to open up a Patreon page to help fund my writing. Unfortunately, I don’t have any super rich princes or barons to fund me and like nearly everyone, we need money to survive, and like many writers, my writing is at the stage where it costs and costs and doesn’t recoup anything (contests aren’t free and neither is this website among other things), so if you like this content and enjoy reading it, I’d love if you’d consider supporting me and helping to ease some of the financial burden writing is placing on us. You can hop on over to my site there and see the different levels of support and the perks that come with these different levels. Even $1/month helps. I’ve tried to make the perks worthwhile while not placing extra burden on myself so that I spend more time fulfilling perks than I do on the writing placed before me. This is a great place to see the BEHIND THE SCENES of writing.

So, year 1.

It’s been fun. It’s been exciting. It’s even been a little bit scary. I’ve enjoyed it every step of the way, though, and I look forward to working more and achieving more of my writing goals.


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    1. Thank you!

      It certainly hasn’t been easy trying to write around kids and life and jobs and things, but I’ve enjoyed the process. I’m so excited to see what this next year brings!


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