Good Friday Thoughts

It’s Good Friday today in Christendom.

As Christians, we believe that today is the day that Jesus was ultimately crucified by the high priests and leaders of the Jewish community, under the blind eye turned by the Roman government.

That is significant in our faith for a number of reasons.

It’s significant because on this day, Good Friday, almost nothing good happened. Jesus was tortured and eventually killed in possibly the most brutal way possible. Every single one of his disciples were disillusioned and gave up their belief that he indeed was the Messiah to come. For at least 24 full hours, nobody believed in Jesus anymore. The movement he began was dead. The savior that the Jews believed had arrived to usher in a new kingdom and throw off the rule of the Roman Empire had been killed.

All their hopes died with him.

Every disciple abandoned him. Only a very small handful of friends were there as he died. His mother was there with some other women disciples. Jesus told John to take his mother home as a son even though Jesus had other siblings.

The sun disappeared for a few hours.

Then Jesus shouted. And died.

A great earthquake happened. The veil was torn that separated the Holy of Holies from the rest of the temple.

Sabbath was the next day, so they had no choice but to hastily lay him in a tomb, unprepared for burial.

And all day on the day of rest, everyone who had believed in Jesus didn’t know what they believed. I imagine they sat around, not really eating, not doing much talking, doing a whole lot of thinking. Perhaps they tried to make sense of the past 3 years of their lives. Perhaps they tried to understand how they’d been so thoroughly deceived. Perhaps they came to a place where they simply decided they’d misread all the signs and were simply wrong about the Messiah. Jesus wasn’t the one to come, even though he’d come in the name and authority of Joshua (Yeshua is Joshua, not Jesus. Jesus is Latinized.). He performed amazing signs and miracles. He taught with impossible authority. He also made crazy claims to be God. Lots of people did that. Perhaps it wasn’t so bad after all. The apostles still had careers to fall back into. They could simply re-acclimate back into society and really, after a few years, no one would probably remember.

Good Friday.

Such an ironic name for such a terrible day.