Book Review and GIVEAWAY: Lies Moms Believe (and Companion Bible Study) by Rebekah Hargraves

What this book is about:  Rebekah Hargraves has written a THICK book and THICK Bible study about common lies that moms believe about themselves, about their purpose, and about their roles as mothers. Coming from a fairly conservative Christian viewpoint, she exposes the opposing sides of common lies moms find themselves trapped in. The companion … Continue reading Book Review and GIVEAWAY: Lies Moms Believe (and Companion Bible Study) by Rebekah Hargraves

Writing Prompt: The Light

It's Friday! Time for a little shorty for you to read.  To be completely honest, I haven't been doing much writing over the past few weeks as life has pretty much dog-piled on me. However, I'm getting out from under it, feeling more like my normal self, and am once again pumping out some words.  … Continue reading Writing Prompt: The Light

Let’s Talk Anxiety

I've written about anxiety and mental health in other places but not here. I suppose you could say I was anxious to share too much of myself here, because after all, I'm a writer, therefore I should be writing about writery things, right? (Yes, the ridiculousness of the last sentence is not lost on me, … Continue reading Let’s Talk Anxiety

What I’m Reading: Sometimes the Magic Works by Terry Brooks

What the book is about: Sometimes the Magic Works is a super practical book about writing by the eminent Terry Brooks. With 20 novels under his belt and a fairly successful career (okay, that maaaay be an understatement), I think he's qualified to give a few tips. He covers topics from choosing a book to … Continue reading What I’m Reading: Sometimes the Magic Works by Terry Brooks

Now It’s Personal

Note from me: This was SUPPOSED to post yesterday, but apparently I don't know how to read numbers and I got the date wrong. So, instead, you're getting a special Thursday post instead of your regularly expected Wednesday post.  If you've been around here for any length of time, you know that I've kept things … Continue reading Now It’s Personal

Book Review: Little French Bistro

What this book is about: This book follows Marianne as she discovers, at sixty, what life is really about. I know that sounds like a trite and boring description, but I thought and thought about it and it was the best way to concisely describe the plot that slowly sinks its talons in and doesn't … Continue reading Book Review: Little French Bistro


Easter. Probably the most significant holiday in the Christian tradition. I suppose we could certainly argue between Christmas and Easter, because with Christmas, there is no Easter. Without Jesus being born, he couldn't die. And if he didn't die, he couldn't live AGAIN. That's really the significance of this day in Christendom. Jesus didn't stay … Continue reading Easter!