Stories on Youtube!

Hey! Exciting news!

My stories are up on youtube now!

I cut apart the videos from my facebook live last month and have posted the first of the three stories I read during that event.

Now, instead of sitting through the entire facebook live, you can just head on over to my channel and listen to the stories there. My plan is for this to be a precursor to an actual podcast, but I don’t have the financial stream to actually start up a podcast yet.

If you’d like to see this content turned into a podcast, head on over to Patreon to support my writing. Even a dollar a month helps, you can cancel anytime. The Patreon money would go to getting some good quality podcast music and potentially hire a producer to make sure it sounds as good as it can. I still need to do some research in that area, but that is the plan.

Otherwise, I’m still working on finishing up my first edit of the fantasy novel I’m working on plus editing a short story for submission into a contest that closes on May 4th. I also have a couple books to finish reading in order to review – April’s a busy month around here!

I hope you’ll check out my youtube story videos and let me know what you think!