What I’m Reading: Sometimes the Magic Works by Terry Brooks

What the book is about:

Sometimes the Magic Works is a super practical book about writing by the eminent Terry Brooks. With 20 novels under his belt and a fairly successful career (okay, that maaaay be an understatement), I think he’s qualified to give a few tips.

He covers topics from choosing a book to write, lessons learned in real life, his method of writing and the method he recommends to others, and much more. I learned a bunch from this book and honestly, it would be worth buying this book to have on my shelf to reference in the future. There is so much packed inside that it would be impossible to remember it all.

What I liked:

  • Super packed with practical advice
  • Short, easily digestible chapters
  • Inclusion of his own failure and mistakes in his journey

What I didn’t like:

  • Hard to say – nothing jumps out to me. I don’t think his writing method is for me, but I can’t really count that among things I didn’t like.

Overall thoughts and opinions:

This should certainly be included among “must reads” for writers. I think that reading just about every book on writing by any major author is a good plan. Even if you don’t write fantasy like he does, his knowledge surpasses genre and is simply super practical for anyone who wishes to put words down on a page and eventually get paid for it.

His outlook on life is different from my own, but that doesn’t diminish the usefulness of the book. My writing style is very different from his own, but I found some great gems of usefulness.

If you are a writer, this is a book you ought to read. I give it 5 stars.

5 star rating


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