Writing Prompt: The Light

It’s Friday! Time for a little shorty for you to read. 

To be completely honest, I haven’t been doing much writing over the past few weeks as life has pretty much dog-piled on me. However, I’m getting out from under it, feeling more like my normal self, and am once again pumping out some words. 

I had an image in my head when I read this prompt and I tried to figure out how to describe that image. I think I got it right here, so I hope that you enjoy this very short scene. 

Prompt: The light was hauntingly surreal

Eliza walked across the parking lot of the mall after closing in the clothing shop where she worked. As an employee, she had to park in one of the small employee lots on the fringe of the parking lot. Warm air had finally descended, melting the snow, and a mist hung over the pavement. The glow of the parking lights diffused in the fog and it muted the click of her heels. Her neck hairs prickled and she glanced over her shoulder. The lot was nearly empty, only the few other employees heading out their cars. She took in a deep breath and blew it out, trying to move the fog, but it stayed, hanging heavy in the air. In her mind, she imagined time slowing down, while she pushed her way through the increasing fog. She fished in her purse for her keys, pulling them out and unlocking her car doors. She slid into the drivers seat and shut the door, locking the doors once again. She inserted the key into the ignition, but didn’t fire up the car. Instead, she slipped her hands under her legs and stared out at the empty lot, bathed in the dull glow of the yellow lights. If only there were trees instead of pavement and vines instead of parking lines, it would feel like a haunted forest. She pictured living in a forest, not bound by money or materialism, living hand to mouth from the abundance of the forest. She sighed and fired up her car, slowly making her way back to her parent’s million dollar mansion in one of the rich subdivisions of the city. Someday, she promised herself. Someday.


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