Book Review and GIVEAWAY: Lies Moms Believe (and Companion Bible Study) by Rebekah Hargraves

What this book is about: 

Rebekah Hargraves has written a THICK book and THICK Bible study about common lies that moms believe about themselves, about their purpose, and about their roles as mothers. Coming from a fairly conservative Christian viewpoint, she exposes the opposing sides of common lies moms find themselves trapped in.

The companion Bible study is a thorough exploration through the Bible about the themes covered in the book. These can be worked separately or together.

What I liked: 

  • The heft – these are surprisingly big books, to be totally honest with you. When these arrived in the mail, I was STUNNED with how much was there. She walks through 32 lies. Impressive.
  • Thoroughness – she hammers each point and is constantly bringing it back to her main theme – that we are created for God – to bring consistency throughout the book.
  • Plenty of space to write in the study – I wrote a Bible study sometime back, which is sitting on the shelf in my office, dreaming of the day I get back to it – in a very similar style to what she has done. Unlike her, I was discouraged by the feedback from people, that it wasn’t really for them. I really like the style of her study and it totally works for me.

What I didn’t like: 

This book actually has stuff I didn’t like, so I’m kind of excited about that! I’ve struggled in the past few reviews, which feels lame to me.

  • Cliches – There are LOTS of cliches throughout the book, which while they make the point, drive me bonkers. A writer friend of mine recently admonished me “Cari, you’re better than this!” and I think that’s the truth of anyone. We are all more creative and better writers than to need to rely so heavily on cliches.
  • Repetitiveness – Sometimes when reading further chapters, I feel like it’s just a repetition of an earlier chapter, or a section is a repetition. While it certainly contributes to consistency, sometimes it would be nice to hear something new.
  • LOTS of flipping around the Bible in the study. Each chapter of the study is several pages long (like, 10) and the first few pages are the searching through the Bible section and the number of passages can get to be a bit much.

Overall thoughts and opinions: 

Despite some of its weaknesses, I think this is a great exploration of the common lies that moms, especially moms of kids today, can believe about themselves. Even though we differ theologically on some points, she’s definitely more on the conservative end of the scale than me, I didn’t find that to be a problem. I simply inserted my interpretation and moved along.

I worked the book and the study together, reading the chapter from the book, then worked the study after, and I liked that. In the introduction of the study, she encourages the studier to take their own pace and not try to blast through it. I completely agree with that. There is so much material and I think it wouldn’t be bad if it took an entire year or more to work through the book. There is SO much good stuff inside and each chapter got me thinking about one or two things that I needed to think differently about or improve upon.

Considering all these things, I give this 4 stars.

4 star rating

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