Help me out?

Hey friends. This is a post where I ask you for a favor that could take between one and ten minutes of your time. It will take less than one minute if you just vote, but it could take up to ten minutes if you actually read it. I could be biased, but I think it’s actually worth reading, too.

When you read my posts, it’s entirely possible that you’ve seen the little footer recently, but I decided I wanted to REALLY highlight this since it’s the last week of voting.

Several weeks ago, I submitted a piece into a contest where I could win a registration to a local writer’s conference AND be guaranteed a pitch spot with an acquisitions editor from a Christian publishing house. Pretty cool on both counts, if you ask me. I attended this conference last year and found it to be SUPER helpful. I’d love to get a ticket to it this year, but I’m not sure we’ll swing it without the help of this contest.

So, here’s the deal. People submit their stories and then try to get others to vote for their story because only the top ten voted pieces in both the fiction and nonfiction categories are read and judged. So, if you’re number 11, sorry, no dice. No chance to be judged, no chance to win.

For a month, I’ve been working working working my small networks to get votes and have been fairly successful, I think, at actually gathering votes. I haven’t been collecting emails and entering them myself (though sometimes I’m tempted), but have tried to be as honest as possible about getting votes.

And this is where you come in. Would you be willing to head over here, read the piece, and if you think it’s decent, give it a vote? Or, if you don’t feel like reading, just vote for it anyway?

If you’ve already voted for it, would you consider sharing this blog post with your own social network? Or, even the link to the contest with a short, little explainer? I’d love to have a great last week of voting, but I can’t do it without your help. There are only a few days left in the contest.

Thank you so much. We’ll be back to business as usual next week.

ps. Voting ends THIS SUNDAY (May 13, 2018) sometime late at night (or midafternoon, depending on where you are). I need to be in the TOP TEN nonfiction entries.