Poetry: Bible Inspired Poetry

It’s Friday! Time to share some of my own writing. 

A while back, as I was experimenting with poetry more, I decided to write some biblical poetry. Poetry is already in the Bible, so why not come up with some of my own in my own style? 

I’d love to write more of these, to have a collection of them, so I’ll have to come back to this project in the future. For now, though, over the next few weeks, you can enjoy what I have already written. 

New Calling

1 Peter 2:4-10

When my eyes weaken and turn bleary
From long hours and a body that is weary
Of the living of life and pressing on
Trying to follow the path that is so clearly
Marked by single, small steps that don’t seem nearly
Enough to fulfill a calling.
However a calling isn’t just an end game,
It’s a faithful following of the one name
Given under heaven by which we are to be saved
And built up as a spiritual house
Never risking being put to shame
Alongside others who make the same claim
Of salvation offered freely to those willing to do the same
To take up their crosses and deny their lives
Sometimes walking away from fathers or wives
To further a kingdom that satisfies
In a way that nothing in this world can.
Then we can rest in our new calling
Of being priests without the risk of falling
In love with this world or even dulling
Our senses against the Cornerstone of our faith
The honor that falls on those who believe
But away from those who don’t.
So go out now and life this life without fear
For with God, we know that He is always near
And willing to whisper to us when we need to hear
His voice so we can be sure
That the direction we’re following is true and clear.
Press on, royal priests, one foot after another
Walking arm in arm with your sister and brother
Setting aside the world as your lover
And let yourself be built back up as a monument
To the faithfulness of the one rejected by all the others
So that all who see your works and deeds
With one day give glory to the only One to whom it’s due