Poetry: Bible Inspired Poetry

This is NOT a repeat of last week. I repeat, this is a NEW poem. 

It’s Friday, so I’m sharing a new poem! A month of poems. 

I’ve really been enjoying playing around with poetry, trying some stuff, and writing poetry based on my faith. It’s been a fun exploration of different kinds of prompts and working that poetic muscle. 

Personal Defense System
Ephesians 6:10-18

Finally be strong in the Lord and the strength of his might
Always striving to move forward and do what is right
Even though we cannot dream up the intensity of this fight
We will never be alone, even in the darkness of night
Because God is always aware of our plight
And being faithful to our need in His glory is his delight

Therefore put on the whole armor of God to stand
Against the devil and his tireless, ruthless command
To destroy all that is right and good in God’s plan
But the devil is cunning and is doing everything he can
To trip us up and fall down, but we only ever land
Back in mighty and saving space of God’s hand
Which is why I urge, no even more, demand

To withstand the evil day and at the end, stand firm
Professing and proving our faith to the worm
That is the devil and all his friends who uncomfortably squirm
At the name of Jesus and the power it confirms
Over the darkness that the world tries to take in turn
Though it ought to run away and reaffirm
Its commitment to the one and only God, to learn
To accept that which is gifted and cannot be earned

So put on the belt of truth
Which will always be close to you
If you’re bold enough to speak it through
And not be afraid of what could be done to you
But only your body and not your soul, so do
That which you must to further the word of truth
Even if you must speak until entirely blue
In the face and not a soul left to push to You

The breastplate of righteousness
Will protect against our selfishness
And help us overcome our laziness
When we want to stay inside, undressed,
And not ready for the heaviness
Of the load we chose to bear in faithfulness
To the one who saved us from our hellishness

Clothe your feet with gospel of peace
As you walk along from street to street
Making eye contact with all you meet
Trying to share with them what everyone dreams,
Love and acceptance, one of our most basic needs
So be bold and do not retreat
Back into the shadows where the devil treats
Us with contempt and disgust and tries to heap
Our entire bad lives upon our heads
And instead
God offers us grace.

Take up the shield of faith to extinguish flaming darts of the evil one
That he launches against us, each and every one
Aimed to shake our faith in the perfect and holy one
Instead of pushing back with our weapon, the only one
Who can ultimately defeat the enemy, the same wicked one
From the beginning of time, who tricked the only one
Who could keep going, walking with the Most High One
In the cool of the day.

On your head the helmet of salvation
Which protects us from all implication
In our evil deeds and dark desires ad nauseum
This helmet from the perfect nation
That resides far away, in the unseen heaven
And those who wish to see may be granted vision
Into what waits on the other side

In your hand the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God
Which we ought to know fully, not just a nod
To bits and pieces here and there, where we lightly trod
The words that give us most of the story through which we plod
Trying to find the pieces that are least offensive and least like God
So that we can make sense
Of our own attempts
Instead of intense focus and honestly

Praying at all times in the Spirit
Keeping alert with perseverance
To those who are primed and ready to hear it
Though I may be an ambassador in chains
I will go forth and boldly proclaim God’s name
And the mystery that the gospel contains
For I will not be put to shame
Even if I’m put to death, it will not be in vain
Because of the power and life I proclaim


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