Poetry: Bible Inspired Poetry

It’s Friday! It’s the day that I share some of my own writing. 

I hope that you’ve been enjoying these last couple weeks of poetry because honestly, I’ve really enjoyed sharing it with you. At first I wasn’t sure because it’s so rough and unedited, but sometimes that’s okay, too. 

Anyway, here’s another. 

Personal Representative
Hebrews 4:14-16

When life is tough and throws punches our way
And it doesn’t seem like we’ll ever have a say
It might seem easier to give up and throw away
All the chances we’ve been given
To effect a right way of living
Giving glory to the God of heaven
So let us hold fast to our confession
Because Jesus faced every temptation
But was without sin
So we can approach with expectation
And no fear of condemnation
Or face God’s righteous retribution
But instead God offers us salvation
If we will just walk away and claim
The saving power of Jesus’ name
And live a life without blame
In the eyes of God
Moving forward, never being the same
But instead joining a royal priesthood
Proclaiming God’s name as we always should
Living in a way we honestly never could
If we didn’t have the Holy Spirit driving
Us down to our knees instead of climbing
Up on the thrones offered by this world
And instead throwing ourselves at the feet
Of the one who shed blood his blood to meet
The price demanded by our sin and greed
Who never did anything out of selfish need
But only in order to draw us in
And crown us sons and daughters in His kingdom.


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