Book Review: The Art of Healing by Jeanne Felfe

What this book is about: 

Julianne (Jules) Garvoli, a pediatric nurse, thinks life is great. Until it isn’t. Jokob O’Callaghan, world-renowned photographer, couldn’t be happier with his wife and his life. Until cancer rips her away from him. When a chance encounter brings the two together, life takes an interesting and unexpected turn for them both and they have to figure out if they are ready for, or even desire, this chance at love.

What I liked: 

  • The set up. I was hooked right away by the way the book is structured and set up. I was brought into the world of the characters and felt like I cared about them right away.
  • The storyline. Even though romance generally isn’t my jam, I actually enjoyed this one. It wasn’t super unrealistic, Jokob wasn’t completely perfect, chiseled and handsome. The man had flaws and both of them screwed up in ways that were totally believable.
  • Jules’ family. I don’t need to say ANYTHING else there.

What I didn’t like: 

  • Certain conversations felt forced and a bit unnatural and they REALLY stuck out to me – usually having to do with food choices. This is such a minor critique, but it happened two or three times, and so it’s worth mentioning. I think a tiny bit more of blending the conversation and rounding it off to a natural conclusion (or having an internal reaction by another character) would have been beneficial.

Overall thoughts and opinions: 

This is another book I read in one day. I hurt my back, so I spent most of a day hanging out with a heating pad and when I re-discovered this book in my Kindle app, I started reading. And I just read and read it. It kept me hooked and in the whole time.

Jeanne is someone who I know personally and has actually been helping me with my OWN novel, so I know and I trust her writing. That said, this surprised even me with how good and engaging it was! I feel utterly spoiled with all the good stories I’ve read recently!

This is a fun and quick read. The romance part won’t make you want to vomit. You’ll want to smack each of them at least once. So I call it a win. I give this book 5 stars!

5 star rating

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