Catching up and looking forward

Hey friends! I feel like things have been really sporadic around here, which is never my goal, but that's just how life goes sometimes. I've been rather busy for a while now because... da-da-DA!!... I joined a critique group! There are five of us in the group with novels in various stages of completion and … Continue reading Catching up and looking forward

Trope Me This: Medieval Europe Setting

It's very common for fantasies to be set in a medieval Europe-type place, even when the story is set on a different world. Individuals fight with swords and magic, any kind of advanced technology is conspicuously absent - even with all their magical abilities, no one has figured out cars or the internet. Everyone still … Continue reading Trope Me This: Medieval Europe Setting

Meet The Author: Donna Faye

It's been a while since I've had an author interview around here, so I'm REALLY excited to have one to post.  Donna is another friend I've met through Authors' Tale. She is one of the most encouraging and supportive people I've had the honor of meeting within the group. Her style of writing and mine … Continue reading Meet The Author: Donna Faye