Catching up and looking forward

Hey friends!

I feel like things have been really sporadic around here, which is never my goal, but that’s just how life goes sometimes.

I’ve been rather busy for a while now because… da-da-DA!!… I joined a critique group! There are five of us in the group with novels in various stages of completion and so I’ve been spending a LOT of time critiquing for my fellow writers.

On top of that, I got a new book to review from Waterbrook and Multnomah about minimalism. Needless to say, I spent an entire week decluttering my WHOLE HOUSE. I DO have a review of that book to post in November, so keep your eyes out for that.

Looking forward, November will be another spotty month because… NaNoWriMo!

Yes, November has come again and yet again, it’s time for National Novel Writing Month. Perhaps you were around last year when I attempted (and completed, thankyouverymuch), and this year, I’m going for it again.

I have 3 projects in mind to work for my 50k words.

  1. Flesh out some scenes that my critique partners feel are missing from my current Tamerna novel (book 1 of the series).
  2. Connect book 1 with my NaNo project of 2 years ago (originally thought to be book 2, but the timeline of the two books doesn’t really work well – I need a connector).
  3. If I have time/energy, I ALSO want to get some new installments up of my Allyandrah and Kru’Nah story. I have prompts just WAITING to be written for, so I’d like to push that story forward by a few sections.

I had hoped to get through ALL of my critiques by NaNo start, which is TOMORROW, but that isn’t happening. At least not without ignoring everyone and everything for 2 solid days, which I just cannot do. Children would die, the dog would starve, my house would probably burn down, and husband would get annoyed. Therefore, I must progress at a reasonable pace.

Hopefully between those 3 projects, I’ll reach by 50k goal, get some good scenes written for Tamerna, get a first draft outline-y kind of story for my connector, and push A&K ahead (in which case, you’d get some bonus content that I don’t have ready for November).

Then, in December, it will be finishing up whatever critiques I have remaining, and after that, hitting Tamerna hard with edits to be ready for a developmental edit (which I have no idea how I’ll afford yet, but I’m sure it will get figured out).

So, that’s catching up from behind us and looking ahead to the end of the year. This year has really gone quite fast and I’m so excited for all the things I’ve accomplished and feel great about the people I’ve met AND the ways I’ve simplified my life a bit to make living just a bit more enjoyable.

How about you? What have you been up to lately? Written anything interesting? Done anything interesting?

3 thoughts on “Catching up and looking forward

  1. I jumped in on NaNoWriMo again this year as well. Last year was my first year with it. I’m trying to write something entirely different than my other books. It’s been fun, but challenging!
    All the best to you as you work through the month!


    1. Thank you!! Same to you!!

      We tried reading your book with the kids, but it’s just a bit too advanced for them. I’m hoping to power through it during the day this month and get that review up ASAP!! Sorry it’s taken so long!!


      1. No problem. When I heard the age of your kids, I figured it might be a little much. I have a book of short stories geared to a slightly younger age… But still a little old for them. 🙂
        No worries about the timeline. Hope all is well.


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