NaNo 2018 Week 1


I’m happy to say that week 1 has been phenomenally successful for me, although I haven’t gotten as far on one of my stories as I’d hoped and I’ve worked on NOTHING as far as the others.

I’m over 13,000 words overall and at 7 days in, that’s great. I’m above pace to finish, so that’s a WONDERFUL feeling. It also helps to pad those days where you get to enter a big, fat goose-egg (like yesterday for me).

I just ticked over 29 pages on my Tamerna Book 2 and am struggling with a plot twist. I can’t decide if I want to twist it that direction or just play it straight. What do you think? Twist or Straight? Let me know.

The other project I’ve been slamming words down in is a children’s mini-chapter book. Well, actually, a series of them. I was playing with one of my kids and he was the doctor and I got tired of telling him own name, so I made up a name – Susanna Bananahands – and we went on our way.

At work that night, my brain developed Susanna into a full-fledged character. Truth be told, she is modeled heavily after my daughter, but she’s got a few things of her own. It really came about VERY accidentally, but I’m three full stories into these (5 mini-chapters per story, coming in somewhere around 2000-2500 words apiece) and I have a giant list of new stories to write, too. I think I’ve got a list of another 8 or 10 ideas that just need to be turned into tiny stories.

So that’s surprising and fun.

And that is NaNo week 1 for me. Are you doing NaNo? How are you faring?

2 thoughts on “NaNo 2018 Week 1

    1. Let’s make no assumptions that I’m good at keeping all of this up, to begin.

      Everything ebbs and flows. I spend all day with kids, I work just a few nights a week, and do what I can with hubs on our free nights. We’re in a really busy season right now. I am a person with A LOT of energy, however, and so I manage to accomplish a fair bit because of that, but I can realistically only do one hobby at a time – so I’m either running or writing or knitting – very rarely all three at once. 🙂

      Also, I still have this beautiful time called naptime. It helps.


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