NaNo update: Week 2

Oh no! It was Wednesday yesterday! I forgot to share my NaNo update!

That’s okay. Thursday will do.

As of yesterday, I am 3 words shy of 24,000 words. YES!

This past week has seen me focusing entirely on my Tamerna novel. I missed one day (which was a huge bummer, but LIFE) and had some really low number days, but at the beginning of this week, I got a new spark and the story just flowed.

I felt VERY stuck with the line I was running and couldn’t decide if I wanted to go one direction or another. After some discussions with a couple different writers, I decided to start in one direction and come back to the other if I didn’t like how it panned out.

I then switched to a different POV character and the story took a COMPLETELY unexpected turn! I thought that things were going to work out one way and that this character was going to head off in one direction, looking forward to some worldbuilding with another race, but then… it turned out this character DIDN’T go with them, but instead decided to connect back up with my other characters.

This was a fun and fantastic example of how seeds I’d sown in the previous book came back for a really interesting twist in this book!

From there, things REALLY took off. I got to do some good character building through a deep conversation, try my hand at an uncomfortable argument of sorts, and develop a new character for this book in another surprising way – because several of my characters had some kind of compassion for the situation, I expected HER to have compassion for it as well, but she didn’t. And she had to be talked INTO showing a tiny amount of compassion for one conversation, because she believes that these events have only one outcome and she has absolutely no issue with that outcome, unlike my other characters.

It’s been so much fun watching this storyline develop because I am a pantser and I generally have NO idea how a story is going to turn out once I start writing. It’s nice to not feel stuck on it and to really have good conversations flowing. Obviously, it’s still a first draft and MANY things need to be added in, but for a skeleton, I’m really happy.

Another thing that I think will be really cool is going back to book 1 and planting more seeds for what will happen in THIS book, so that it feels like a continuous story and there aren’t twists and turns just for twist and turns’ sake.

How about you? Are you NaNoing? How are you progressing?

2 thoughts on “NaNo update: Week 2

  1. I will never stop being flabbergasted at a fiction writer talking about characters doing what the author didn’t expect. It doesn’t compute in my brain. But at the same time I love it.

    Keep on, keeping on!


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