What I’m Reading: The Wide-Awake Princess by E. D. Baker

What the book is about: 

This book follows Annie, a princess, as she tries to save her kingdom after her sister, Gwendolyn, and the rest of the kingdom falls victim to a sleeping spell. It’s a fun take on Sleeping Beauty, but we follow Annie, the Wide-Awake Princess, as she travels through other familiar fairy tales in her quest.


What I liked: 

The story itself is fun and I like the new twist on familiar stories and elements. Annie being non-magical in a magical kingdom seems like a huge disadvantage, but sometimes it’s precisely our seeming disadvantages that ultimately produce our greatest advantage. With the help of Liam, a castle guard, Annie discovers that she’s more than just “Gwendolyn’s sister” and actually has some beautiful things to offer.


What I didn’t like: 

The story was VERY predictable and having some unexpected twists would have been nice, but everything played out exactly as I would have expected. Characters were a bit flat in the story and fairly one-dimensional, too. It made the story a bit boring for me, but I doubt kids would be as critical and widely read as I am.


Overall thoughts and opinions: 

It was a cute and easy read for me and I chewed through it super fast. The familiar elements gave me a smile and some unfamiliar elements were fun, too. I probably wouldn’t choose to read it again, but I’d recommend it to others in its age range looking to read a fantasy fairy tale.

Overall, though, for me, the story is a bit forgettable. I give it three stars.

3 star rating

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