Book Review: Children of Pride by Darrell J. Pursiful

What this book is about: 

Taylor Smart, your average dorky 13-year old, is living the average middle school life. Until she’s kidnapped by Fair Folk and whisked away into The Wonder.

What I liked: 

I LOVE fantasy books and this book did not disappoint me at all. It’s definitely for younger readers, but I still loved it so very much.

The characters were well rounded, the explanation of how magic and The Wonder and other things did NOT feel info-dumpy, and there were some excellent curveballs thrown in that I did NOT see coming. The storylines were brilliantly woven and executed.

Oh, and I read it in one day. Yep, another one-day-er here.

What I didn’t like: 

It was too short. And it’s not really that short of a book. But I would have liked more.

Overall thoughts and opinions: 

There are actually FIVE books in this series and I intend to buy every single one of them, plus search out the Danny stand alone in an anthology called Fell Beasts and Fair. So if that’s not a clear indicator of how I feel about this book, I don’t know what is.

I adore the characters and the storyline. The writing is exactly what I’d expect given I’m critiquing his latest book. If you like fantasy or have middle schoolers and up who like fantasy, I highly recommend this book to you.

My copy will head out to my niece and nephew next, who I seem to be supplying a steady stream of books to lately.

Better than crack, right?

A five hearty stars for this book, and seriously, go buy it. It’s worth every penny.

5 star rating

Learn more about Darrell and go buy the book here.

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