What I’m Reading: Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger

What this book is about: 

27-year-old NYC resident Bette Robinson spontaneously quits a job she hates, and through some family connections lands a job in a new PR/events planning firm. She goes from hating her 9-5 (or 6 or 7) life to being completely overwhelmed by this new all day (and sometimes going far into the early hours of the morning) job, partying and learning who is who among the hottest celebs. A strange turn of events finds her in a sort of relationship with the planet’s sexiest man, and from there things only get weirder for Bette as she tries to figure out what she wants.

What I liked: 

The writing. Oh the writing. It was SO GOOD! In fact, it was the writing itself that kept me going until the last pages.

Bette felt like a really well developed and fully rounded character, complete with a quirk and sub plot line about her love for trashy romance novels. I actually really liked that subplot. It was so lighthearted and fun, and her romance book club was awesome. I wish there had been just a touch more of that in the book.

What I didn’t like: 

Plot predictability – I saw what was coming long before it ever arrived, and that frustrated me. Maybe that’s part of this kind of book, but I had hoped for a bit more unknown.

Characters – other than Bette, everyone felt pretty flat and stock character like. The only other character with a tiny bit of complexity ended up being the pretend boyfriend. I admit, I didn’t the twists in that storyline coming, so it was interesting for a while.


Overall thoughts and opinions: 

To be honest, this style of book (fashion romance or whatever) isn’t something I’d pick up to read. A friend was ditching a bunch of books and so I grabbed them all up because I will read just about anything. She said this was her favorite out of all the books and that TOTALLY makes sense to me. This is her kind of book and I’m so glad that she liked and enjoyed it.

As for me, this book annoyed me a bit because of the plot predictability. I saw what was coming long before it ever arrived, even the climax was disappointing because I just knew that’s what was going to happen. Even as nobody else know who the bad girl of the book was, I’d figured that out pretty quickly. There was a final tiny twist that I didn’t see coming, but it felt a bit cheap, too.

But, I have to come back to the writing. It really was spectacular writing. Things dragged in a few places, but that was usually meeting/detail stuff revolving around lists of publications and celebrities and planning and the like. I just got around it by skimming. By the time I neared the end of the book, I was more skimming than reading because I wasn’t about to be bested by a book and not finish it.

I didn’t feel satisfied at the end, but more irritated by certain points of the story. I wanted to like it because my friend liked it, but in the end, I just didn’t. Because of the great writing, I can give this book 3 stars, but no more than that.

3 star rating

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