What I’m Reading: Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

What this book is about: 

Black Beauty is the story of a horse as it lives out its life in late part of 1800s in and around London. Black Beauty finds himself changing many hands over the course of his life and shares the ups and downs of horse life at the hands of good and caring masters and of ignorant and cruel ones, too.

What I like about this book: 

I’ve own Black Beauty for years and years and years now, but I just picked it up a bit ago to read through it again just because I have it and I can. I still adore this book for its simple storytelling, for the commentary on society, and for the depth and understand of Black Beauty. This book is the one that made me want horses all those years ago and now, once again, I find myself pining for a spot of land where I could have some horses.

The manner in which character development happens in this book is so unobtrusive, and so many characters, even minor ones, feel not quite flat. The worldbuilding is also rich and doesn’t feel contrived for a younger audience. I feel connected to Black Beauty and my emotions ride along right with his. I cry at the ending every single time, too. I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of this book.

What I don’t like: 

I struggle to think of what I don’t like.

Nope, got nothing.

Overall thoughts and opinions:

It feels unimaginable to me that some people haven’t heard of this book, but if you have kids who like to read, I’d recommend this book to every single one of them, boy or girl. The themes of treating humans and animals well will ring clear today still, even if readers disagree with some of the minor talk of God and the Bible and Christian principles in it. They only appear a few times. A good deal of the characters believe in justice and, man or woman, they stop and speak out for it, confronting other people who are dealing unjustly with the animals. It also doesn’t shy away from showing the kind of cruelty that can be inflicted and how horrific it can be to witness.

The themes are timeless even as our society has changed so much. I adore this book and think every child should read it.

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2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

  1. Read this book in first grade and sobbed my eyes out when I found out certain animals died. This book definitely impacted me at an early age. Great review!


    1. It’s among my favorites. Ginger’s end was so bittersweet. I don’t even know how long I’ve had the book, but I pull it out every si often to read. Utterly a wonderful book.


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