Two Years into the Journey

Oh man! Can you believe it?

I’ve been pursuing this author thing for TWO YEARS. Back when I started, this was all just a dream. Something I’d like to do.

And now?

I’ve been published in one anthology and my second anthology story will be coming out this year. I’ve begun a Patreon that has funded some contest pieces and purchasing fantasy stories for research. I’ve joined an AMAZING writing community that pushes me to be a better writer all the time. I’ve written TONS of short stories, poetry, and have TWO novels in the works. I’ve written a set of children’s stories that I plan to get agented to publish. I’ll be #PitMad-ding my children’s story tomorrow in hopes of getting an agent. If that doesn’t work, I’ll start researching agents and stacking up the rejections.

I’ve experimented on this blog in numerous ways – sharing my knowledge, exploring different ideas, providing book reviews, and eventually, sharing my own work.

Ultimately, my goal is to find readers, so I’ve decided to make a change around here.

Wednesday posts will go away for the most part.

That’s right. I won’t be planning series of information. I won’t break down how to do this or that. I’m going to focus on my writing and finding readers.

I’ve spent so much time trying to target readers and writers that I’ve lost focus of what I REALLY want to do and where I’m REALLY trying to go.

I need to focus. By focusing, I develop margin, and with margin, I have freedom.

If you’ve enjoyed the more educational posts, I’m so glad to hear that. I hope they’ve been helpful and I have loose plans to go back and edit those, update them, clean them up, whatever and reshare them in the social world. But, if I don’t get to that, I’m not too worried.

I’ll still have occasional Wednesday posts, but they will be more focused on personal thoughts, reflections, and progress updates (though these will be loose – if you want more details and more frequency, you can support me over on Patreon and get more great stuff).

I’ll still share book reviews because a great writer reads a lot. And I’ll be spending more time writing short stories, which I’ll share here, all in the name of getting better.

I foresee that with having less on my plate, I’ll do what I’m trying to do MUCH better. And I hope that you’ll enjoy more of the personal bits of me and the updates. Things could be quiet around here for a week or two while I get transitioned and settled, but I’m really hoping that it will ultimately be better.

Thanks for coming along on this journey and I can’t wait to look back next March and see what more has happened!