Thank yous, Patreon, and blog updating

Hey all.

The first thing I want to say is Thank You.

Thank you for coming. Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading.

When I started doing this for realz two years ago, I had no idea what two years down the line would look like. I didn’t know if I’d be published, if I’d even have a book ready to query, or if I’d throw in the towel and give up.

But here I am.

And while I have a silent group of readers, I see that people are stopping. They’re reading things. I hope they’re enjoying them. All I can do is peek at numbers and make guesses, but the numbers are slowly creeping up, which means I must be doing SOMETHING right, right? (there’s something to be said for optimism!)

So, for those of you who come and read, thank you. For those who follow this blog, thank you. For those who get emails whenever I post, thank you. For those who do comment, thank you.


Second thing on my mind is my Patreon page.

I used to tuck a little thing at the end of my blog posts mentioning Patreon, but it never amounted to anything. People did not flock to my Patreon page by the hundreds and thousands to throw their money at my feet. Disappointing, I know.

I asked myself what a wise person would do in this situation.

The answer I got was “re-evaluate”.

So I did. I looked at my Patreon page and found that I didn’t DO much over there. No real incentive to throw money at me. So I started being more active there, sharing things, giving in-depth updates, and actually posting content early. I’ve given my Patrons something to Patron for.

And now, I need to move on to the second part of my strategy. Start talking about it more, and not just in little sentences at the end of my blog posts HOPING that someone might see it and do something. That’s just not really how life works, does it?

So, I’m here to let you know again: I have a Patreon page. Patreon is a site that provides a way for supporters to financially support artists who, for whatever reason, aren’t being compensated (or even fairly compensated), for their art. Supporters are saying VERY CLEARLY “Your art is important to us, please keep creating.”

I share other things over on my Patreon page – in-depth updates, musings about potential paths, specifics about this and that, early access to short stories (or even to novels!), and other goodies. The best thing is that Patreon doesn’t TAKE AWAY from what I’m doing, but what I’m doing supports my rewards over there. So, if you haven’t already, go check it out and see if a buck or three a month (I promise, it helps) is something you’d like to do to ensure that I can continue to create this art or if I’ll have to leave it behind for a day job when the kids are both kindergarten plus.


Third thing on my mind is this blog space: some posts need some updating, and others need to be taken down altogether, so that I can consolidate on my goal: reaching readers. For a long time, I tried to cater to readers and writers and I’ve recently decided that I want to TELL STORIES, not necessarily teach others how to tell their own stories. That could mean that a LOT of content will disappear, which makes me sad in its own way.

At the same time, I need to face the reality that when I scattershot too much, I get nothing in return. I’ll still have occasional Wednesday musings and whatnot, but I’m going to be putting a lot more energy into writing stories and reading stories. I’ll be keeping book reviews around here and I’ll definitely keep sharing early drafts of short stories around here.

I have a decision I’m mulling over regarding my short stories, but I need more time to think about it before I say anything here (though I did share my thoughts with my Patrons… just sayin’ 😉 ). I’ve got some things to really think about and really get narrowed on my goals. I’ve experimented for two years and finally, I think I’ve found what I want. I’m excited about it and I’m excited about the future.

I hope you’ll stick around to see what it brings and someday, YOU could say “I was there at the beginning, before she was anyone. I saw her potential first.”

Thanks again for being here. I appreciate you all. Take care of yourselves and go read something.