Meet The Author: Sarah Fader

I haven’t done THIS for a while, but here we go! Last week, I reviewed Sarah’s latest book, The Nobody and this week, we get to sit and chat with her for a bit. What I love about Sarah is that she’s a lot of other things before being a writer, but yet she still uses words to talk about what’s important – namely normalizing mental health (or mental illness).

I discovered her a while back when I listened to podcasts at work. She was interviewed by my friends over at Not Your Pastor’s Podcast and her message resonated with me, and now look! I got to read and review her book AND interview her! I’m SO blessed! I’m dying of author love over here!

And just look at this kid picture! I love when I get kid pics of authors!!


So, without any further delay, let’s chat with The Sarah Fader.


Dogs or cats?


Morning person or night owl?

Morning but coffee first.

Coffee or apple cider or hot chocolate?

Coffee with half and half

City or country or ‘burbs?  

City with country breaks

Favorite music to write to? (or silence?)

Blink 182

Favorite movie? (It’s okay if there’s a few… I’m not sure I could narrow down to less than 10, haha!)

Back to the Future

What do you do when you’re not writing?  

Sleep if I can
Raise children
Pet my cats
Walk in nature

Top 3 MUST READ books

A Prayer For Owen Meany By John Irving
Sophie’s World By Jostein Gaarder
Never Let Me Go By Kazuo Ishiguro

What is the first thing you remember writing? What was the inspiration?

My YA book The Mystery of Alan Norman McBride. I started it when I was a child and finished it when I was 27. I was an observer when I was little. And I remember eavesdropping on the conversations of strangers. I imagined a scenario where two sisters over heard the plotting of the murder of a millionaire by two gangsters. And I wrote that into a book.

What’s the most recent thing you’ve written? What was the inspiration?          

            Nobody – a children’s book that I wrote with my son. We were sitting on the couch and I kept having him fill in the blanks of a story I was telling him. “Once upon a time there was a __.” Nobody.

What is your general writing process?

Rip out my heart and throw it on the page

What is the best piece of writing advice someone gave you?

Keep writing even if you hate what you wrote.

What’s the best piece of LIFE advice someone gave you?

Life is difficult and that is normal. So if things are hard, you didn’t do anything wrong. Read the introduction to The Road Less Traveled. It will change your life.

Do you have a writing mentor? How did you find this person?

I have people I admire. Allie Burke and Sarah Comerford. They are brilliant writers. Allie is a best-selling author. Sarah is the Editor-In-Chief of Eliezer Tristan Publishing.

What does your personal writing community look like?

Friends who care about each other.

What are your go-to ways to overcome writer’s block?

Keep going.

If you could give the readers a piece of advice, what would you most want to tell them?

Listen to your intuition. If something feels right, go for it. If something doesn’t feel right don’t.

Where can people find you?

My website 

@TheSarahFader on Twitter and Instagram