Musings on my current progress

I’ve been waiting on some writing news from people and it’s been interesting, to say the least. To be entirely consumed by the waiting of words from just a few people is a strange place to be in, and yet, I find myself there. I’m trying VERY hard NOT to be consumed by it, but the thoughts of “hurry up” are never far from my mind, despite my attempts to distract myself.

I’ve finished reading some more books and man, have they been good for me thinking about my world and my story, which of course I can’t work on as it’s in the hands of 3 readers right now. I have a potential next step, but I’d like that idea to be confirmed by a few other people rather than diving in at the suggestion of one person (although, the more I think about it, the more I believe said person is correct in assessment, especially with the comments and thoughts of others).

This will require a fair amount of work, but I believe the payoff will be immense (I’ll be going into more detail over on my Patreon update, so if you’re interested in more specifics, consider supporting me over there). .

I think mostly, it comes down to fear and anxiety. As much as I want to tell this story, I’m terrified of actually being published. It’s as though my brain doesn’t quite believe I can do it or that I deserve it, therefore it feels safer to live in a constant state of revision. As long as I’m sharing the story with a few people, it’s not just sitting in my drawer, but sharing with beta readers isn’t exactly what I had in mind for storytelling, you know what I mean?

So, here I sit, reading for a few other people, procrastinating in editing my children’s story (which I’ll be sure to have done before my next critique group, which reminds me, I probably need to find someone to watch my kids, eh?), remembering at inopportune times that it was recommended to submit my stories to kids magazines, and all these other little things. Yet, my mind is constantly distracted by this novel that I simultaneously want to work on and DON’T want to work on.

However, to take a page from Dave Ramsey (or I’m sure 1,000 other successful people), I need to ask what the next smallest step is that I can do. I can’t do everything today, but what CAN I do today?

Well, come here, for one, and write this post. And then go update Patreon. And find that email about that kid’s magazine and look up submission guidelines. Those are three small steps that push my goals forward.

I sat down yesterday and reviewed my yearly goals. I see clearly where I’ve been distracted and I need to get back to some of the goals I set. I can also see where having my goals has made me BETTER at things – like posting more regularly on social media. It’s actually becoming EASIER to remember to share something on my pages instead of forcing myself to sit down and schedule out 30 posts or whatever, thus FORGETTING about social media and not doing anything. As much as I love scheduling, it’s not good for me to do that, because I set and forget, and when I run out of posts, I don’t realize it because it has dropped off my radar.

Those were some fun realizations. Progress makes me happy, but life is distracting, so it’s easy to lose track of what I want to do and where I want to be.

For now, though, I’m heading in the right direction and that makes me pretty happy.

Onward and upward!

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