Book Review: Tempests and Slaughter by Tamora Pierce

What the book is about: 

T&S follows Arram, Varice, and Ozorne, all student mages, through their studies, forging a nearly unbreakable friendship as they deal with forces outside the school in forms of plagues, politics, and run-ins with various animal gods.

What I liked: 

I’m a huge fan of Tamora Pierce and this thick book was a delight all the way through. Characterization is good, dealing with somewhat sensitive topics in straightforward ways, and weaving in the lack of insulation from the influences of an outside world in a somewhat sheltered University context – all of these were handled really well.

I was pulled in immediately by Arram, the POV character, and his perception of all these things. It’s been a while since I read Book 2 of the Immortals series and it took me almost halfway through T&S to realize who from the Immortals book Arram is. I’m a bit embarrassed by how long it took me, but as I’m now reading book 3, things are SO MUCH MORE FASCINATING because I’ve read this book. It’s thick, it’s long, and I loved it.

What I didn’t like: 

The only thing I didn’t like was the climax, which felt decidedly anti-climactic. I struggled a bit to figure out the running thread of the story and its arc, but once I pushed that aside and just read the story, it didn’t really matter again until I got closer to the end and wondered “what are we building to?”

Overall thoughts and opinions: 

I’d read it again, Of course.

What I love is the detailed magic building, which will be REALLY helpful to me in my own worldbuiling and magic building. I don’t have the same magical structure in any way, but seeing mastery over a different kind of magic is still helpful. Even as I read for others, I already know some who would benefit greatly from reading these books to help them with THEIR magic systems.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the characters. The politics piece was interesting and will be useful, plus knowing how to mix and blend characters together into good friendships, while still retaining the individuality of each.

The book is also fully from Arram’s POV, and seeing everything work together from just one POV was REALLY cool. I’m a multiple POV kind of writer, but the story was really successful as a 1 POV.

I give Tempests and Slaughter 5 stars.

5 star rating

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ALSO, I JUST LEARNED while grabbing some links for you all that this is only BOOK 1 of the Numair Chronicles. There will be more! This is from 2018! I can’t even believe it! More books to look forward to! And that means I really need to find ALL THE REST of her Tortall books and read them. 

I am seriously super jazzed right now!!!