Book Review: More for Mom by Kristin Funston

What this book is about: 

This rather light-hearted and fun nonfiction explores the ways in which moms in particular can step above the mess of everyday and live out her faith in Jesus. The tagline of the book is “Living Your Whole and Holy Life” and Funston doesn’t mince words inside, which is beautifully balanced with humor and real moments from her own life. This book has one of the best voices I’ve read in nonfiction in a long time. It’s so unique and speaks to me.

What I like: 

The humor. She’s really funny and I would be is a blast to be stuck next to at a group dinner or whatever it is people do these days. The book is also super practical and laid out logically – every section flows into the next and builds really well on the pages that come before them.

The book is just really well written and do the writing is easy to digest. The message inside is simple, but definitely not easy to APPLY.

What I didn’t like: 

In a few places, it dragged a bit and maybe went on a little longer than it should have, but that’s pretty minor. I don’t have any glaring dislikes.

Overall thoughts and opinions: 

If you are a mom and if you are a Christian and if you are struggling to find that balance between momming and selfing and Christianing, I think this book would be super helpful for you. Even if you feel like you’ve got a good routine down, it’s a great book to read to encourage you along your path. I love a book or even a message at church or whatever that affirms I’m doing at least ONE THING right. In some ways, I feel I can give myself a fist bump when reading, but I’m certainly challenged in other ways.

It covers a lot of ground, taking stops in the every day, the mental games we play with ourselves and others, it walks through a PLAN to work toward the kind of life you want (sorry, no quick fixes promised inside) and she stays true to what the Bible says and means. I haven’t found any cherry picking of verses so she can make her point, but on the contrary, she actually calls that kind of behavior out.

My husband is adept at reading people and very quickly can make accurate judgments about people. I’ve only recently realized that I have the same kind of sense about books, though I am also one who lets “obligation to finish” get me down. I’ve read TOO MANY mediocre books in this last year and I need to be much better about just putting down the mediocre and only reading the stuff that REALLY grabs me. I just don’t have enough time to read everything. Lately, I’ve also been feeling pretty burned out on nonfiction. For me, nonfiction is an encompassing activity. My brain is injected with all kinds of information to assimilate into the vast information network already in place and it takes a great deal of mental energy. When this book arrived, I actually sighed (I’d forgotten I’d volunteered to read it, haha!) because I just wanted to dive into fantasy worlds. But, I said I’d read it, so I got started.

That said, this book grabbed me right away. In the first few pages, I was hooked by her voice and personality that came screaming off the page. I feel like I have a decent understanding of what her personality is like, and as she dives further into the material, I see that she knows what she’s talking about. She’s taken the time to do the work the right way. The books follows a logical progression (which  my brain really likes) and it’s a good read. I would have read it faster if I hadn’t forgotten it outside and let it get rained on. I felt so much guilt about it that even AFTER it had dried (which took, like, three days I think), that I struggled to pick it back up. The weight I put on myself for being so forgetful and irresponsible (about a book no less!) was immense. My 5 year old actually found it, brought it in and said “Mommy, you’re going to be so sad”. And she was right. I was sad because I’d been enjoying reading it so much.

But, I got back into it and it’s just as great as I remember. I can’t wait to read my now permanently swollen and water-stained book again.

I give More for Mom 5 hearty stars.

5 star rating

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