Book Review: Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede

What this book is about: 

Cimorene is a princess bored with the princess life. As the youngest daughter, she has little patience for embroidery and other princess lessons. When she is informed that she must marry a boring prince, she instead runs away and becomes the princess of a dragon. As princes come to rescue her, as is the custom, she’s annoyed by continually having to chase them off. She has no interest in returning home. Things get even weirder the longer she stays.

What I liked: 

Dragons, of course.

Also, Cimorene. She’s a fiery girl who finds a way to change the circumstances she’s been told she must deal with. Shedding convention, as she’s done her entire life, she continues to do so, making life better for others around her, and of course, eventually doing something VERY IMPORTANT (which I clearly can’t tell you because spoilers!).

What I didn’t like: 

The only thing I didn’t like was a ridiculous method of defeating some villains. It felt too contrived and convenient and I had hoped for a little more struggle and tension.

Overall thoughts and opinions: 

I REALLY enjoyed this book. It’s short, fun, whimsical, and who doesn’t love an improper princess?

It’s a delightfully fun read and I was disappointed that it was over so soon.

I give the book five stars.

5 star rating

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