Book Review: Emperor Mage by Tamora Pierce

What this book is about: 

This fantasy novel, book 3 of the Immortals Series, follows Daine and Numair (Arram Draper) through their voyage to the Carthaki capital to secure negotiations between Carthak and Tortall and avoid war.

What I liked: 

It’s a Tamora Pierce novel. I loved it all. Seriously.

Daine, of course, gets herself into trouble. There is mystery, a bit of intrigue, politics, deception, betrayal – I love it all. It’s written well and each character feels real and full. I read this AFTER having read Tempests and Slaughter and things just made a LOT MORE SENSE having some back story. Delightful.

What I didn’t like: 

Now, there is one bone I’d pick, and of course, it comes at the END of the book, so I can’t really share what it was. HOWEVER, the emotion of that particular moment was lost. I didn’t feel the emotional catharsis that I would have hoped to feel for such a monumental action/event/thing. It was a huge moment and I would have liked to have let out a breath that I’d been holding, but unfortunately, I WASN’T holding my breath.

Overall thoughts and opinions: 

Tamora Pierce continues to be in my, oh, top 5 favorite authors and her writing speaks to that. I trust anything she puts out to be good, and I’ve yet to be disappointed by it or her. I will continue to grab anything and everything with her name on it and read it all, no matter what. It’s possible that in time, these books will end up on my personal bookshelf (she has 18 books as of right now – it’s going to take time – I LOVE libraries).

When I read Tamora, I hope that someday, someone I don’t know writes these same words for books I’ve put out. She inspires me to keep writing, that no matter what, keep writing because books are magical. I may not put out perfect blog posts and be perfectly consistent or whatever, but to just keep writing anyway. Work on my books, make them better. Never give up because one day, I just might be someone’s favorite author (looking at you, Lexi).

I give Emperor Mage 5 stars.

5 star rating

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