Wicked Wednesday

I’m finally back from having disappeared for a week (intentionally) in the mountains and managed to get all settled back into real life (harder than it sounds, trust me).

As soon as I got back, I dove into a week-long novelette-writing challenge put out by Zombie Pirate Publishing and managed to punch out a 13-ish-k novelette in four days (because I missed the first three days). I’m super happy with the story and I think that if they don’t pick it, I just might punch out a couple related novelettes and try to get those puppies published.

One step at a time, though. Wait for results.

Since then, I’ve been reading Red Rising by Pierce Brown as fast as I possibly can. Wow. What a book. I just  might buy the whole dang series instead of waiting on interlibrary loans. Thank you to whoever recommended that book to me. It’s amazing!

I’ve been feeling hyper motivated to write since submitting my novelette, however, life and all things have conspired against me in said writing (don’t even THINK about mentioning putting the book down – ridiculous idea – I barely had time to read that book, too, snatching a few precious minutes here and there).

In any case, here I am, at my desk, trying to pull out that motivation to write when I truthfully feel a bit depressed because I’m sure I’ll never write something as compelling as Red Rising. The story is masterfully crafted and it moved me. Deeply.

Or maybe it’s the writers hangover?

Probably both.

In any case, my feeble attempts at writing seem to fall flat all of a sudden, comparing my awful first draft garbage to his fully polished, finally published book.

It’s absolutely ridiculous and I know that. I WISH I just see a couple pages of the first draft of Red Rising. Maybe that’s what we should do. Save the first pages from the very first draft and publish them in an appendix.

Dear reader, in case you thought this draft was how it started, think again. Suffer through these first pages. We’re all terrible at first, and put an unbelievable amount of effort into creating the work of art in your hands. Also, stop complaining about the price of the book. I’ve made less than 1 cent an hour in the writing. Thanks. Love, the author. 

Beautiful, right?

Ahh, but I’m just dreaming.

So, what’s to look forward to now then?

More work on my first draft of my first attempt at plotting. It’s so hard and I’m considering throwing the outline out the window and just writing a dang story. I’m feeling frustrated and fed up by the stifling nature of trying to follow an outline, but I have to decide if I’m going to push through or if I’m going to give up and go with what I know.

The information I’ve tucked away in my brain about crafting story is still in there and I think it’s possible that I could actually follow it without having an outline. Is that lame? A cop out? Giving up?

I don’t know.

I might enjoy writing the story more and thus, it might actually get finished.

That’s an appealing prospect.

I also have the last week of my short story workshop this week, so I’ve got a few pieces to critique, plus do any last finishing touches on my own story before submitting. I also have ten chapters of a novel to critique. She said by August. I’ve got six days.

So, there is it. The week after vacation – the hardest week to do anything – but still feeling motivated to get a few things done and move closer to my goals. Tiny steps, right? Tiny steps over a period of time adds up to huge distances covered.

Take care, good readers, and until we meet again, let me know what you’re up to these days.

Image by Aynur Zakirov from Pixabay