Book Review: Take Off Your Pants! by Libbie Hawker

What this book is about: 

This is a writing book by a writer FOR writers. Libbie breaks down the way to outline books for faster, better writing. It’s a short book, but she packs in so much information, I can hardly even believe it.

What I liked: 

Jam-packed with practical information and the understanding that is not the ONLY way to write a book. She acknowledges that this is the best way SHE HAS FOUND to write in a way that earns her a writer’s living. After a bunch of disclaimers and such, she dives into a super practical and easy to follow guide to outline a novel (or even refine an already written novel) to pack the most punch and get a well-written first draft.

What I didn’t like: 

I can’t really say I DIDN’T like it, but plotting is REALLY hard for me to do at the outset. I used her guide to refine books I’ve ALREADY written and find that to be super useful, but I’m not sure I could outline a book I hadn’t yet written.

Overall thoughts and opinions: 

My feeling is that this should probably be a book on nearly every writer’s shelf for no other reason than it’s easy applicability and explanations on what makes a great book (hint: characters and pacing). She tackles how to keep up appropriate pacing and how to churn out books QUICKLY because that is how writers stay afloat in the current times.

She acknowledges that not every writes or wants to write like her, not everyone wants to be a self-sustaining author, and she is totally fine with people who want to putz along with their book. She states that this method is specifically for those who want to write good books quickly.

I found all the information helpful, even if a bit overwhelming at the same time, but I couldn’t argue with anything she shared. In fact, I immediately put things into practice trying to make my book(s) better. I’m working with a wonderful writing mentor to understand these principles better and to apply them best – as a pantser, the learning curve is steep – but I believe that using this after I already have a draft will be a great use for me in improving my books more quickly and getting them out into the hands of eager readers.

I give this book 5 stars.

5 star rating

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