What’s keeping me busy

I mean, other than the new(ish) puppy, right? And school right around the corner.

I’ve been writing on a story a bit. Things are going slowly there because I keep getting sidetracked with needing to research. So, I need to learn a bunch of things before I can realistically keep going because I’m at a point where my plot relies on a piece that has to continue, but if it’s ultra unrealistic, then I need to cut it out now before it gets too entwined with the story.

So, I’m turning my attention to some short stories, sprucing them up and getting them ready for whatever the future may bring.

I think I’m also ready to dive back into my previous novel, Tamerna, for yet another round of edits, which may be quite extensive as I may break it into three books. It’s possible that I simply have too much story I’m trying to tell in the space of just one book, so I have some playing around to do there.

I’ve been doing a bunch of reading and come across some incredible books.

I’ve read A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry, The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, Red Rising by Pierce Brown, and Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames (which I’m pretty sure is just a pseudonym for my friend Mitch, but he insists otherwise). They’ve been some amazing books. I’ve got the 2nd Red Rising book coming from the library soon and I have all the Stormlight Archive books on my shelf downstairs (thanks, Steve!), but it’s picking up the book and starting to read again.

I haven’t yet heard back about the novelette I submitted to the And Man Stood Proud anthology by Zombie Pirate Publishing, but I’m hoping to hear soon. It’s been a month, but I’m trying to not be impatient. I’m sure I’ll hear back from them in no time at all, especially since school starts up again next week for my kiddo and life changes once again.

I’m also working on a pretty cool project, but I think I’ll wait until next week to really talk about it. I’m pretty excited and can’t wait to be elbows deep in it.

Until next time, happy writing!

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