Book Review: The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

What this book is about: 

The Way of Kings is book 1 of The Stormlight Archives. It’s a struggle to describe because the book is massive and covers a huge scope, but to take from Brandon’s own website, it’s a book of characters and how the changing world forces them to act in either good or bad ways to the benefit or detriment of those around them. Which is pretty dang generic and could describe any story. You’ll have to pop over to his site to get a better description.

What I liked: 

The writing is superb, the characters real and fleshy, the story line immersive – everything one could want from a book. I read all 1,001 pages in about 11 hours. Maybe less. It was THAT good.

What I didn’t like: 

Nothing I can remember.

Overall thoughts and opinions: 

I’m finally getting into Sanderson books, which as a fantasy writer I’ve wanted to do for some time, and I understand his mass appeal. It totally appeals to me, too.

He writes well, crafts compelling characters in sticky situations, beats the living daylights out of them, and leaves a reader feeling wonderfully accomplished by the end (or sad that the story is over).

My writing friend has graciously lent me his entire Stormlight Archive series and I’m dying to get into the other two books. I read the first one when I was up on a mountain – mostly on one rainy day there – and now that I’m home (and have been for some time), cracking the next one open feels intimidating. Like, I know it’s going to take me MUCH longer to read it simply because life is here, too.

I’m excited to dive into the next book, I feel connected to the characters and invested in a good story told. When all around can easily be ignored, it’s a great story.

And this is a great story.

I give Way of Kings 5 brilliant stars.

5 star rating

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