Book Review: Wild Worlds (Crash Course) by Mitch Larkins

What this book is about: 

This LitRPG novel follows Uriel and Bairn as their lives collide and they end up needing each other to survive, at least for a little while. Uriel is super secretive about her life and Bairn, well, he talks too much and struggles to level up. It’s only his engineering skills that convinces Uriel to help him since her ship has crashed and she’s stuck for long time without help on a low-level planet.

What I liked: 

The premise, of course! I’ve been an on against off again gamer for over a decade now and I loved following along with the RPG elements of the story. It helped me to visualize what was going on.

The tone of the book is so great, too. It’s light-hearted without being fluffy and it was actually pretty cool at the end when, uh, well something DIDN’T happen that often does in novels. (Dang it, reviewing without sharing too much is hard, seriously)

What I didn’t like: 

The editing. It needed one more line edit and the book would have been OUT OF THIS WORLD GOOD.

Overall thoughts and opinions: 

Mitch is one of my internet friends and I always feel a bit nervous getting books from people I know because WHAT IF I DON’T LIKE IT??? And frankly, what if they’re bad writers?

I’m happy to say that this was not the case with this book (other than some editing issues, which I pin on you, publisher, not the author).

The book kept my interest, the monsters were interesting, the conflicts, the interactions between Uriel and Bairn, the pirates… I seriously loved it all. AND I’ve heard some whisperings about a second book, which I will MOST DEFINITELY be buying.

For the editing issues, I give Wild Worlds four stars (but Mitch, I give you SIX!)


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