A bit of a break


I just realized that I kind of disappeared for two weeks. Sorry about that.

When life starts back up at the beginning of the school year, it really starts with a bang, doesn’t it?

I’ve got a few new book reviews coming up of books I REALLY enjoyed, so I’m excited to share some five-star reviews with you all. Hopefully you saw the Kings of the Wyld review earlier this week.

A couple really exciting things have happened since I was around here last time, so let’s get right on with it, eh?

Back in July, I participated in Zombie Pirate Publishing’s ZPP Writing Week challenge, which was to write a dystopian novelette in seven days. A novelette runs somewhere between 12.5 and 15k words (if you’re looking at page count, assuming 300 words per page, that’s 50 pages). So, not a novel, but longer than a short story.

Anyway, I learned about this writing before I left for six days in the mountains of Montana, and since I wasn’t coming back until TUESDAY of writing week AND the cover/theme was revealed at the beginning of writing week, SUNDAY, that meant I had four days to punch out this novelette.

Which I did. And I think it’s ultimately one of the best things I’ve ever written.

From that week, they received 33 submissions and, as I later learned, only picked SIX of those to go in the anthology.

Well folks, I AM ONE OF THE SIX!!

Yes, thank you, thank you. I’m super honored and excited to be part of this. I honestly wasn’t sure if my story was dystopian ENOUGH to make it. Not sure if it was gritty enough. Gray enough. But, apparently it was and it was one of the favorites of one of the guys who chose, so I’m super happy about that (yes, I saw you try to cover your favoritism up, but that’s okay).

That will come out March 1st and in between there will be some editing, some revisions, and other things that will make the story sparkle and shine even more. I’m so excited for that.

In other news, I submitted a short story collection to a local publisher and while they LOVED IT, they don’t think the timing is right for it. So, my assignment is to work on my novel, get that broken apart into three amazing stories and then we’ll work with those and THEN the short story collection while I work on the rest of the series. So, that progress is coming a long a bit.

I have a goal of getting a first draft of the first three stories (expanded from a single novel) by the end of the year. It feels QUITE daunting, but I’m hoping that NaNoWriMo will help me out with that again this year, and that if nothing else, I’ll have SOMETHING to work on.

I’m also awaiting results of the Magic We’ve Forgotten anthology through Author’s Tale. We’ve selected cover art and while it’s good, there is an option I liked better. I’ll get over it, though, because they’re both beautiful.

So those are the things I’ve been working on, as well as reading a few books I’m completely obligated to read (thank you for free copies, publishers), in addition to all my regular duties.

But, one thing at a time, right? Just plug away and embrace the drudgery.

Until next time!

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