Book Review: Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson

What this book is about: 

Book 2 of the Stormlight Archive!

We meet back up with all our (still alive) friends from book 1 to continue the Saga of moving the world from its broken state to what it could be when the Radiants return!

What I liked: 

Consistency. If Sanderson is nothing else, he is consistent. His characters are consistent, the world is consistent, the magic is consistent and within this consistency comes immersion.

I read the first book while away on top of a mountain with ZERO distractions. This book took me much longer to read because I was back in real life, but man, it grabbed me. Even if I could only get through a chapter a day, maybe two, I still wanted to keep coming back and keep coming back.

The characters are real and relatable and I don’t know why, but grumpy Kaladin has to be my favorite character. Usually I’m not into those characters, but I find that he is the most intriguing to me and I look forward to every section that has him or is from his perspective.

And while some people really don’t like them, I LOVE the interludes. They are such teasers for what is coming ahead and I just adore them.

What I didn’t like: 

I’m not sure I can think of anything I didn’t like about it. I can’t even complain it was too short and I was disappointed when it ended, because I needed the breath at the end. I still have Oathbringer on my shelf, so I’ve got another to get through.

Overall thoughts and opinions: 

The Stormlight Archives is already a brilliant masterpiece and we only have 3 of the 10 planned stories. And these are MASSIVE books – each one at over 1,000 pages so far. I know he’s working on SL4, so that is coming. I’ve also read that SL5 is outlined? Planned? Something like that, so once we hit 5, we’ll be halfway there!

At this point, I’m borrowing the books from a friend, but this is certainly on my ‘to buy when I can’ list. These are books I could definitely see reading again in the future, even as massive as they are.

If you want creativity, magical consistency, and epic worldbuilding, these are the books for you. It took me a long time to finally start reading Sanderson and now that I’ve started, I’m glad I have. I see why he’s one of the preeminent fantasy authors of our time. Fortunately, I’ll probably never actually catch up with reading all of them, so I should never run out of books of his to read.

I give Words of Radiance five stars.

5 star rating

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4 thoughts on “Book Review: Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson

    1. I read that on Sanderson’s site… maybe I can find that link.

      “The Stormlight series has a very odd structure. Each novel is outlined as a trilogy plus a short story collection (the interludes) and is the length of four regular books. This lets me play with narrative in some interesting ways—but it also makes each volume a beast to write. The other superstructure to the series is the spotlight on the ten orders of Radiants, with each book highlighting one of them while also having a flashback sequences for a character tied to one of those orders. If that weren’t complicated enough, the series is organized in two major five-book arcs.”

      I have Oathbringer on my shelf, but I need to read a couple smaller books first (you know… got them from the publishers in exchange for reviews… so those will have to come first).


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