Book Review: Take Back Your Time by Morgan Tyree (And GIVEAWAY!)

What this book is about: 

This nonfic is packed full of info, charts, tips, and tricks to organize and schedule life so that it’s full. And not in the jam-packed every moment, but in the emotionally full and satisfying sense.

What I liked: 

The VAST quantity of resources in this book. Wow! There are charts, schedules, questions, images – all kinds of things that are perfect for not only helping to identify different productivity zones in our days, but actual useful strategies for finding them and maximizing them.

She also doesn’t ignore the all important self-care and downtime arena, either. Many self-help/productivity books I’ve read fail to mention this because they are so focused on maximizing production (which is a good thing in the production zones we have, not all the time).

She also sprinkles in her own real life experiences among all the fantastic tips and tools, which really brings the book home. Like, she actually does this and is REALISTIC about how to implement and adjust along the way. I really liked the realistic aspect of it – this takes time and nothing can be overhauled in one day. If I was to use this as a real road map in the way she recommends, it would probably take six weeks to have a PRELIMINARY schedule that could work.

And that’s great! That is realistic.

What I didn’t like: 

Two things stuck out to me.

  • I felt her Green Zone Time chapter was REALLY repetitive and probably could have been shortened by half. I started to feel like the examples dragged on and she kept coming back to hammer the exact same point. I just don’t think it needed the length of treatment it got. She was crystal clear the first time and could have easily moved on.


  • As someone with a psychology degree and additional psychological training, it drives me BONKERS when people don’t quite understand the extroversion/introversion difference. I feel like she either missed the ball in understanding or mis-communicated what she meant to say.

    Introverts are just as capable of social behaviors as extroverts. Introverts are perfectly capable of leading meetings or fitness classes or whatever else may be required and it’s not “putting on our extroversion” or “being extroverted for an hour”. That statement implies that this hour is ENERGIZING, which probably isn’t true, as she admits in the book. As an introverted fitness class instructor, she says that she’s DRAINED after teaching a class. It’s because that kind of activity drains an introvert’s energy tank.

    An extrovert, on the other hand, would FEEL ENERGIZED by teaching the class and socializing. Extroverts feel DRAINED when they’re alone too long, which incidentally is exactly what ENERGIZES introverts.

    So, anyway, there was some confusion in the book about this concept.


Overall thoughts and opinions: 

I really enjoyed this book. Her tone is personable and I really liked the font used as well. That’s not something I typically notice, but this was a different font than I think I usually see and those little distinct touches make me really happy.

She and I have some different personality traits and quirks, but I felt that this was relevant to me anyway. I doubt I’ll do the assessments and look at my schedule and all that, but as I move forward with my life, I can definitely envision these ideas and concepts rattling around and influencing how I make decisions and schedule my time.

It’s a short book, as well, and a really fast read (if you’re just reading it – implementing what’s inside will certainly take much more time and I highly recommend people do!)

All things considered, I give Take Back Your Time four stars.

4 star rating

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Hello! So glad you’ve made it this far! Here are the details:

First off, if you noticed that this post is two days on the heels of another book review (unusual), congrats! You’ve been around long enough to decipher my once-a-week system. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a review and I’m PAST THE DEADLINE of when I was supposed to review it (perhaps if I’d read this book sooner, it wouldn’t have happened, ha!). So, this puppy has to be up TODAY. Totally my fault, of course.

Second, I received not one but TWO copies of this book and since I’ve already read it and gleaned and tucked away what I’ll use (plus I know where to find more of the tables and charts if I want them), I’m giving away BOTH COPIES of this great, practical, little book.

So, if you’d like a copy of it, either comment here or on the associated social media posts and I’ll get your name into the hat! I’m going to keep this open for TWO WEEKS and will draw a winner on Thursday, November 8th, 2019. (Just a sec while I put THAT into my calendar to remind me not to forget…)

I definitely recommend this book if you’re feeling overwhelmed or your life, like the North Dakota soil right now, is over-saturated. This little book is jam-packed with practical, implementable tips and shouldn’t add to the overwhelm. I know I’ll be doing some schedule soul-searching and planning my writing time for a different time of day than usual.

So go forth, share this post with someone you think might benefit from it, and get back to whatever it is you were supposed to be doing instead of reading this post.