Book Review: Beginner’s Pluck by Liz Forkin Bohannon

What this book is about: 

This super perky book glorifies the Beginner and all the beautiful advantages that come from being a beginner who knows absolutely nothing about what you’re trying to do.

What I liked: 

The Tone. It’s super conversational but doesn’t sacrifice heart, passion, meaning, depth, or anything else one loves about these kinds of motivational/how-to books.

What I didn’t like: 

Nothing. There was nothing for me to not like.

Overall thoughts and opinions: 

This book is a life-changer, game-changer for me.

I readily identified with Liz’s lack of focus and clarity as a child, which I feel so many similar books emphasize. Like her, as a kid, I was watching dust float in my room or trying this and not being great or doing that and being mediocre at it and slowly, slowly found (built) my way into my passion of writing.

I mean, have I ALWAYS been writing?

Yeah, pretty much.

But was it focused? Was it celebrated? Was it channeled?

Not until my late 20s (so even there she beats me in the building life purpose and passion category, BUT it’s not a competition, so… yeah).

ANYWAY, I found this book to be highly relatable and reading it on the heels of reading Something Needs to Change by David Platt, that’s pretty much a perfect recipe for upside down life change. I don’t mean that we’re moving to another country for missions. No, not at all.

What I AM doing, though, is evaluating things. Where do I spend my time? How? What could I drop that’s hindering me? How can I reorganize my days to move myself INCREMENTALLY toward my goal?

She introduces the idea of a PERSONAL MANIFESTO! I haven’t done that yet, but believe me I WILL! This book has me super excited about life and doing things that matter and getting rid of things that don’t matter and understanding who I am and how I operate and HOW TO BEST USE ALL THE THINGS IN A COHESIVE WAY.

I’m feeling more focused, positive, and ready than I have in a long time to start chipping away at my goals because dreaming SMALL is celebrated here, too. Not everything stems from an insurmountable BIG DREAM at the outset.

Sometimes it just takes a small dream and a step in ANY direction to gain forward momentum and start moving. So, Pluckies (as she says), go out, get this book, and stop trying to FIND a life of purpose and passion and BUILD it, brick by brick, instead.

I give Beginner’s Pluck five plucky stars.

5 star rating

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