2019 recap, looking ahead to 2020

Now that we’re two days into the new year, I need to sit down and reflect a bit. We’re covered under a giant layer of new snow, which the kids have had a blast playing in (and the dogs, come on!), and it’s time to sit for a few minutes without DOING and think.

2019 went well, I’d say, as far as many of my goals are considered.

While I didn’t FINISH many of the goals I had hoped to, I made progress and I’m finding that I’m even more okay with that. I had wanted to finish the sweater I’m knitting, but it’s not done. However, it’s further along than it was last year when I started. I didn’t finish repairing my great-grandma’s quilt, but I had the delicious opportunity to sit by my six-year-old yesterday while SHE repaired a single seam on a tiny patch. What was a solitary project last year looks to become a fantastic bonding project with my favorite six-year-old (who also helped sew fleece into her boot after the puppy got a hold of it and chewed out some of the lining.

I did finish the first draft of my fantasy novel, which in November was split into FOUR different books. So this year will be working with THOSE drafts. I love the story and the characters so much as I work on it and I’m delighted to continue to work on it.

I grew mentally, emotionally, and spiritually over the last year and I think have become a more patient, happy, and content person. That is worth so much to me.

I spent some time doing The Artist’s Way and that was a life-changing exercise for me. I look forward to continuing to do morning pages on the days I can and let do of the days I can’t.

I barely ran at all last year. It just was so difficult. However, this year, I’m picking it back up and not giving myself any grief for last year. I’m running for 10 minutes. It’s what I can do right now, but I really want to. Also, some friends GAVE me their old treadmill, so that’s been a HUGE blessing. It’s certainly easier to run now.

I discovered some wonderful books and authors, almost all of which have been immortalized in my book reviews, but honorable mentions go to Peter Fane, A.M. Deese, Pierce’s Brown’s Red Rising and Brandon Sanderson’s The Stormlight Archives.


In 2020, I”m toning down my goals and focusing mostly on writing goals. I would LIKE to do better with my Patreon page and be more consistent over here, but the truth is we’re expecting our third child this summer and I know that things are going to get crazy. I’ve suffered for several weeks with almost unmanageable morning sickness (more like all-day-but-worst-in-the-evening-sickness) and am finally coming out of the other side. Slowly, slowly I’m feeling more and more like myself (hence the being able to start running), and I know that life is going to BLOW UP in July, so I have to be mindful of the things I commit to doing.

However, some of the things are working on a commissioned short story, editing my novelette that’s coming out in March, working on the Tamerna drafts, editing the third Author’s Tale anthology, and being one of the admins of a writing goals group.

Fortunately, most of my goals are font-loaded on the year so that by the time we have a newborn in our house, I should have achieved a number of my goals and have the time and space to tinker on the rest.

This year, I’m planning to focus a great deal on my stories and a little less on trying to be the best at social media, blogging, momming, wifeing, and all the other things I’m trying to do. I’m trying to simplify, slow down, enjoy.

BUUUUT I still want to kick butt at my story writing and FINALLY get a book out into the world. After all, that’s what I wanted when I started this journey and it’s what I still want. However, I think I spent too much time last year in other areas (like social media, for example) instead of focusing on what I really want to do. I know that I need a mix, but last year, the mix was off and all of it suffered. I’m hoping this year to gain some clarity, some focus, and be able to do the things I really want to do well and I’m okay with being mediocre at the rest. The time will come when I need to amp up my social game, but for now, I want to write, enjoy my kids and family, and whatever else happens is gravy.

Did you make goals for the year? Is it more or less than last year?

One thought on “2019 recap, looking ahead to 2020

  1. Hi Cari,
    My goals for the new year all focus on becoming a self published author, but first, I need to finish writing book 2 and editing book 1. Best of luck on finishing your fantsy novel and congratulations on creating another bundle of joy! Nothin’ better than the smell of a new book, except maybe a newborn baby.
    Happy New Year!


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