Making progress on goals

Hello all!

I’m swinging through to give a quick update on my current goals and projects. A VERY detailed update can be found at my Patreon page. Just a dollar month will gain you access to detailed progress and other goodies I plan to share over the year.

But here’s the short version.

I’m doing a lot of editing these days. I’m working on editing for the next Author’s Tale anthology, Magic We’ve Forgotten, and I’m editing my own story that will appear in Zombie Pirate Publishing’s And Man Grew Proud dystopian novelette anthology.

I haven’t been doing much writing because of these editing projects.

The only writing I’ve really been working on is getting my children’s book ready to submit by the end of the month. I’m also working on a beta read for an author friend who I greatly respect, so I’m pretty excited to read her story.

Around here, I’ve been tinkering and thinking through a couple new writing posts focusing on fantasy and pantsing and successfully pantsing fantasy. I really, really gave outlining a try and have never been so stifled in my writing. So I think I can safely say that planning, plotting, and outlining don’t work for my brain – at least not in the ways recommended by some really fantastic books – and I just need to continue working in the way that’s most successful for me. After all, this March will bring my published works to FOUR anthologies (Heart of a Child, Ink Dreams, And Man Grew Proud, and Magic We’ve Forgotten – so if you’d like to read some great stories, mine included, you can pick these up as they’re available. HOAC and ID are in print, AMGP is available for preorder and MWF will be out in March).

My novels are on hold for now while I finish up these other projects, but I’m feeling good about progress so far this year and feeling especially good about moving forward in my editing career as well.

Hope all is well with you and I hope by next week to have another pantsing fantasy post ready for you!

Take care!

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2 thoughts on “Making progress on goals

  1. Hi Cari,
    I’m a pantster too. Just thinking about outlining gives me hives. I do try to follow 3 Act Structure in my head, but I don’t even write in chronological order. I write whatever pops into my brain first. My teen readers love my first novel, so I’m using the same process for the second. It’s chaotic and crazy, but it works for me. Use whatever process works for you. We’re all different. Diversity makes life interesting.
    All the best,


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