Meet the Author: Adam Bennett

This week, we’ll meet the other guy behind Zombie Pirate Publishing and learn about his story in the dystopian novelette anthology And Man Grew Proud


Hi, what’s your name and where are you from?
Adam Bennett. I’m from Northern New South Wales, Australia.

When did you start writing and what got you interested in seeking publication of your work?
I’ve been writing most of my life. I always had a fascination with reading and writing stories. The next step is getting them out into the world. That’s where ZPP comes in. I am a co-founder and operator of ZPP.

What’s the name of your novelette and what’s the story about?
The Beast.
A story about a man sent into the wilds to fight a fearsome beast, his only protection an ancient weapon.

Writing such a work in just 7 days from scratch must have been difficult, run us through that week, how did you find it? What came easily and what was a challenge?
I’d been thinking about this story for a while but hadn’t written anything. When we decided upon AND MAN GREW PROUD for the title and theme, the story seemed to fit pretty well. I wrote it in the seven days of Zombie Pirate Writing Week, and honestly, I’m really proud of it and the book as a whole.

Tell us a little bit about the main characters in your novelette?
There’s only the one main character: Gett. He is goes into the wilds to hunt a terrible creature bellowing down the mountain pass. There are some side characters who make up the cast for the beginning and end, but the main sequence of the story is just Gett fighting his way through the wilds in search of honour and the truth.

Did you draw upon your own experiences for this story? Were you inspired by real people or events in your life?
I can’t remember exactly where the idea for this story came from. Perhaps I dreamed it.

Is this the longest work you’ve had published? Tell us a bit about your writing career highlights.
I have also wrote a Novella in SCIENCE FICTION DOUBLE FEATURE: Phosphorus and Into the Eye. It’s my longest published work. Sharing a book of a pair of short novels with my long time friend and collaborator Sam Phillips was a pretty good highlight.

What motivates you to succeed as a writer?
I have stuff to say. Maybe people want to hear it. Maybe they don’t. Won’t stop me writing about it.

Besides writing, what do you enjoy doing with your time?
I juggle, paint, read, and run a small publishing company.

Thanks for your time. If readers would like to find out more about you or read your work where can they find you on social media or elsewhere on the internet?