Book Review: Your Child’s Inner Drive by Wendy Gossett, M. Ed. (Giveaway)

What this book is about: 

Your Child’s Inner Drive explores the personality traits you and your child possess in order to provide guidance on successful techniques to parent and remain connected to your child throughout their life. Through understanding how personality interacts using the 16-Personality Framework (also familiar as the Myers-Briggs personality types) and how each personality generally perceives the world, parenting and interactions can be modified to provide the best chance of a close, successful parent-child relationship.

What I liked: 

Whoa Batman does this book delve into the nerd. Once past the introduction and you dive into the real meat of the book, it gets very nerdy very quickly and I love that. She spends a great deal of time in explanations geared toward optimal understanding.

I am also keenly interested in personality, understanding personality, and taking lots of personality puzzle pieces and fitting them together. This book is certainly extremely helpful in adding additional pieces to my box for me to move around and generate the fullest and most whole picture of those closest to me.

What I didn’t like: 

The introduction dragged on a bit long for me. I found it to be unsuccessful in helping me to connect to the author and her authority to write the book. If anything, the introduction itself made me want to put the book down and not read further. I’m not a parent who really entered parenthood with some idea of how it should be or how it should work, and therefore I wasn’t disappointed when my kids were different than I expected or when they turned out to be wildly different from each other. So in her attempts to connect to the parent side of me, it failed spectacularly.

Overall thoughts and opinions: 

As someone with a psychology degree, I was taught to have a perhaps mildly unhealthy skepticism toward the MBTI because it isn’t TRUE SCIENCE, and as such, I’ve basically completely avoided any association with it until this book.

When I first realized that it was a super detailed explanation and exploration of MBTI, I was disappointed. I don’t recall any indicator anywhere on the book that says it uses these 16 personality types, so I was surprised by that. However, as I received this from the publisher, I pressed on to read in order to fulfill my obligation.

And then I was really surprised.

I actually found the information to be really helpful in adding to my information database. I faithfully typed everyone in my family as suggested by the book and when I read their associated sections, I found myself nodding my head along with it. I found it useful in understanding how or why particular parenting choices by my own parents was particularly unsuccessful with me, but mostly I found myself nodding my head along with the descriptions of my family members. I didn’t find any of the information to be surprising or novel, but it was more like someone put into words what I already knew.

I can see where I may have some kind of unfair advantage about understanding personality given my psychology background, but I did actually find this book to be quite useful. Its usefulness to me mostly lay in its affirmation that I do, in fact, understand my family quite well and am already parenting what and who I know them to be as effectively as I can. I’m not sure that I’ll change anything about my parenting as a result of reading this book, but I also don’t think that it’s been a waste of my time at all to read either.

So, combining the surprise and the usefulness of the information, I have to give Your Child’s Inner Drive four stars. I would have really liked to see a more prominent advertising of using the 16-personality system.

4 star rating

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