Meet the Author: Care Halvorson

This week for And Man Grew Proud author interviews we’ll get to meet one of my writing neighbors! She hails from the state right next door to me, which means that it’s totally possible we could actually meet in real life sometime! 


Hi, what’s your name and where are you from?

I write as C. H. Knyght and I live in MN, one of the coldest corners of the USA, it limits my flower growing choices. (The spring catalogs just arrived here. Lol)

When did you start writing and what got you interested in seeking publication of your work?

I’ve loved books since my parents read to me as a kid and then turned me loose on the librarians. I dabbled writing all through my teenage years going so far as to swap out courses for extra english and grammer-the advantage of being homeschooled. I got serious a few years ago and have since finished my first, second, and third novels.

What’s the name of your novelette and what’s the story about?

Humanity’s Descent is set after the fall of general civilization. Nature has resurged and overgrown, flourishing while mankind struggles to survive and find a new balance. The Collectors are gathering people with trained skills and knowledge, hoarding them up in their fortified city by force. They kidnap a doctor, Nalla’s mother, Nalla fights get her back.

Writing such a work in just 7 days from scratch must have been difficult, run us through that week, how did you find it? What came easily and what was a challenge?

My first and main problem was I approached it lazily. I’ve done NaNoWriMo 50k in a month. 10k should be easy right? I started doing about 200words a day for the the first few days, and then realized that 10k in a week WAS Nano pacing, 1600 a day. Already behind, I had to double that to catch up and reach the word count in time. There were some late nights and sore hands involved.

Tell us a little bit about the main characters in your novelette?

Nalla is a hunter. She is comfortable in the new wild world, except for the feral dogs on her heels, and the Collectors kidnapping her mum.

Eri is a wanderer escorted by her three wolfdogs. She has a grudge against the Collectors too, though everyone does really.

Did you draw upon your own experiences for this story? Were you inspired by real people or events in your life?

Well, Eri’s dogs were in a way I guess. I have dogs at (under) my feet all the time when i’m home. And, i feel like if mankind was knocked back a few steps nature would surge. Studio Ghibli probably planted a seed or two.

Is this the longest work you’ve had published? Tell us a bit about your writing career highlights.

Humanity’s Descent fall into the middle of my range of work. I have three fantasy novels, the Nightvision Trilogy, and a number of short stories out.

What motivates you to succeed as a writer?

Books are my foundation. I want to make them yours too.

Besides writing, what do you enjoy doing with your time?

I probably still have a pen in hand actually, if i’m not writing, I’m drawing, dumping a cat off my desk, or out with my horses. (If it’s not -20F outside.)

Thanks for your time. If readers would like to find out more about you or read your work where can they find you on social media or elsewhere on the internet?

My website is and I lurk around on Instagram and twitter mostly.